Towels are great ideas to give as a purchase gift during product promotions, as they can be used for sports, at home and on holiday. In this promotion, sports and fitness brand Marathon Sports are offering a free blanket towel as a purchase gift with each purchase of a certain amount spent in store. To receive this gift you will need to spend HK$1,100 and HK$1,300 in store.

Marathon Sports offer Free Towel as Purchase Gift

Marathon Sports offer Free Towel as Purchase Gift

This sports promotion is a fun way to express the importance of exercise. The blanket towel is printed with Marathon Sports mascot stretching on a running track with smiles on their faces, making a positive representation that exercise is enjoyable, and being offered in two colours; red and yellow it makes them bold and eye-catching, great for increasing brand awareness.

How can this purchase gift blanket towel increase your brand’s sales?

  • Practicality. Customers are more interested in paying more to receive a gift that is useful rather than not. These blanket towels can be used for a number of different situations be it at home, on holiday or exercising making them more effective as purchase gifts to increase sales.
  • Brand awareness. If your product is seen by customers then you are more likely to succeed in selling an item. This towel is bright and expresses the brand image of Marathon Sports. If designing your own, they can be easily customised to match your brands image and culture.
  • Free advertising. Towels are more often than not used outside, and this is where they will facilitate in increasing more customers as it will be seen by many different people, who may also find this product interesting.

For more information about this branded towel and about other purchase gift ideas feel free to contact us at the ODM Group and let us help you in creating your own promotional products.

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