Need a gift idea but don’t know what? Well, you are at the right page! Airwaves is a popular chewing gum brand and they are giving away a towel with purchase of any Airwaves sugar free chewing gum! You can pick this gift at any 7-11 store in Hong Kong. Read on more to find out why towels are such great gift ideas.

Gift Idea: Free Towel with Purchase

Gift Idea: Free Towel with Purchase

Towels as Gift Idea

Towels are a brilliant marketing gift idea because it is suitable for everyone! Since Airwaves cater to the mass market, it is essential that the gift idea is suitable for all the customers. Towels are perfect gifts with purchase as it is highly customizable. You can also choose to customize it based on events like your company’s anniversary or Christmas theme.

Gift idea by other companies:

Such methods are great platforms to market your brand. People use towels especially during sports and you would attract attention from them. This will increase your brand awareness and build on your brand image. Thus, an increase in sales would be observed!

Go Green with Your Gift Idea

Everyone is talking about being eco-friendly these days and popular brands like Pottery Barn’s and Nandina are taking the eco-friendly route. You can consider giving out eco-friendly towels instead of ordinary towels, as this would boost your image positively! Not only that, you can also consider printing messages such as Earth Day on it to improve your corporate social responsibility image. This would definitely help makes your brand even more memorable!

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