Here is the perfect promotional gift to all animal lovers out there. There is nothing worse than the fear of your beloved family pet becoming lost, or worse stolen. So keep them safe and always know where they are with this fantastic animal promotion – A GPS Collar to track them wherever they may go.

The GPS Collar comes in a pack with a few accessories as well as the gift box itself. Within this pack you receive the collar itself with the GPS emitter attached to it and a USB wire and charger to to ensure it’s always working whenever you go on walks or let them loose outside. Once set up and charged this animal promotion can then be connected through wireless to your phone, showing the exact location of the collar through any map app.

This product would be perfect for animal associated companies such as the RSPCA and Pets at home to promote not only their brand and care for animals but the forward thinking of keeping your pets safe.

Animal Promotion GPS Collar

Animal Promotion GPS Collar

Why This Animal Promotion is a Useful Marketing Product:

Promotes a good Cause – This animal promotion promotes a good cause of protecting and keeping your pet safe. With the good intentions of this promo product it can immediately attract customers who have similar values as well as those that just care about the well being of living things.

Walking advertisement – With this product having a logo on it, especially if it is used with a dog, the product would work as a walking advertisement regularly and as most dog owners, on average, take their dogs for a walk at least once a day, that is once a day minimum of brand exposure to fellow customers in that market, i.e. other animal lovers.

Innovative Design – This product is very useful and has a very technical design to it. This will not only attract those that want to keep their pets safe but also people interested in technology. Many people may find this an interesting product due to it’s ability to track your pet from your phone.

ODM think this is a great product for all shaped and sized pets. If you are interested in creating a promotional product, be it for pets or humans we have a great selection of ideas to offer you and your company. Contact us today for more details.

If you are interested in this particular product quote ODM – 1106 to our sales team when speaking to them.

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