One of the best ways to maximize brand reach and stimulate customer engagement is through prize draw. And this could be best achieved with bottle collar promotion!


Bottle Collar Promotion

Bottle Collar Promotion

Prize draw promotion is when a company incentivise their customers with different prizes when they buy their products. The customers can participate normally by visiting the website of the company. This is where their personal details go and where they put the unique batch code so they can enter. The winners of the prizes will be chosen in random after a specific period of time. This is a good tool for driving impulse purchase.

In this case, Brothers Cider used a promotional bottle necker to promote their ongoing contest. This strategy effectively reels in customers as the “WIN a festival camping kit” pops out the shelf.


Bottle Collar Promotion for Prize Draw: Why Do We Like It?

  • Attracting Customers – By doing a bottle collar promotion, customers are more likely to engage with the company. This will stimulate their curiosity and will make them want read more about the product and its offers. The higher value the prizes are, the more people will pay attention.
  • Product Related and History – The prize is related to the actual product and its history. Brothers Ciders was originally available at music festivals, but is now also widely available in stores, bars, and pubs in the UK. Festivals are highly popular during the summer and camping is a great way to get the whole festival experience.
  • Boosting Sales – With the chance of winning drinks promo gift, it can help boost sales with familiarity and event associations. This is a great marketing strategy as the prize goes back to where Brothers Ciders originally started. Seeing the Brothers camping tent may encourage people to buy Brothers Ciders, as it is what people are used to in festivals.
Bottle Collar Promotion

Bottle Collar Promotion

Is Prize Draw Effective?

Using prize draw promotions will have some limitations. This type of promotion will not be effective for all products depending on the regulations in different countries. This is because to enter a prize draw, the participant needs to be of certain age. Brothers Cider is an alcoholic beverage and it works with the prize draw. This is because both require the buyers to be 18 years or over in the UK. This means that not everyone will be able to take part.

Customers who see this promotion may also not feel interested enough to take part. People may think that it is highly competitive and the chances of winning is unlikely. This is most especially with high value offers. Prize draw promotions also have a specific time length. Hence, people may decide not to enter when it is closer to the deadline date.

Stimulate Customer Engagement and Boost Sales with Prize Draw Promotion

However, the use of bottle neckers is a simple yet effective way to engage customers. They are cost-effective, and most importantly easy to execute.

You can even use small items as bottle neck gift to save on packaging. More importantly, you’ll be able to differentiate your brand on the shelf with minimal year-end marketing budget.

Our Mindsparkz team can produce different unique designs for different promotional products for your business. With the help of our merchandisers, we find low sourcing costs but still with high quality standards. Contact ODM Asia today to find out what promotional product options will work best for you.



Here’s a unique bottle neck GWP from Suntory. Ideal for Halloween, the item is a promotional mobile strap in the shape of Jack O’ Lantern:


African Bead Necklace as Bottleneck Item? See why it’s effective!


Different bottle and Can Necker to boost your drinks promos:


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