Check out the exclusive promotional drinks display by Hennessy that is ahead of the game.  Infusing modern and artistic promotional fixtures into marketing campaigns is definitely an excellent way to increase your brands visibility and boost sales. Promotional displays are key to your brands growth.  One may even argue that they are a necessity when it comes to getting your brand noticed. This pioneering display can really push your brand towards reaching its full potential.

Exclusive Promotional Drinks Display for Hennessy.

Promotional Drinks Display

Why We Love Hennessy’s Promotional Drinks Display.

  • We love the striking aesthetics, everything fits in perfectly with Hennessy’s brand image, from the bold red and orange, to the distinctive luminous lanterns.
  • The luminous lanterns draw the customers attention towards the display, an excellent technique to get your brand noticed.  How would you use a Bottle Glorifier ?
  • In addition, the contrast of the bright orange against the deep red background helps the display to be noticed from afar.
  • Colour plays an influential role in creating a positive and memorable brand image as red is synonymous with energy and power, it evokes intense emotions. Its presence demands that people look in its direction.
  • We love the unique avant- garde design, especially the carefully crafted fixture of the wild sea, with a massive ship and the Hennessy bottle among the flaming waves. The intricate design illustrates the power of the brand, as fire can represent strength and mystical powers. Water can represent rejuvenation, alluding to the power that the drink holds.
  • This promotional drinks display provides clear visibility of  the product which is essential. Placing products in close proximity to the customer boosts sales as it gives consumers the opportunity to assess the product quality. A sensory shopping experience can really help to increase sales.

The majority of purchasing decisions are made in store so it is imperative that you maximise the possibility of it actually coming into fruition. Free standing display units are a proven effective strategy to help improve consumer purchasing decisions, this clever tactic can work well for your business too! Watch as you begin to surpass the level of your competitors in advertising and set a new industry standard.

Like this Promotional Drinks Display?

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