In this post we would like to elaborate on some POS creative ideas for drinks companies. This industry is prolific in their use of POS (Point Of Sale) materials & displays in stores, so companies try to brainstorm for bright new ideas to stand out from the competition.

We have noticed that POS displays in the shape of bottles are quite popular:

Bottle-Shaped POS

The following POS displays were made for Russian vodka Stolichnaya. On the top you can see the Kremlin – the most recognizable symbol of Russia. This way, the right associations are evoked.

Kremlin POS

Below you can see another example from Russia. In this case, Ohota beer was running a competition with a main prize being a trip to the football championship. That’s why this showbox is made in the form of football goals:

Ohota Promotional Showbox

If you are already planning your Christmas promotions, then you should consider these two great ideas which will appeal to seasonal shoppers:

Christmas POS for Drinks

Top-brands like Hennessy or Moët & Chandon make their POS-materials real works of art and these type of displays are especially popular in areas like Duty Free stores.

POS for Top Brands

Check out some other great examples below:

Original Drinks Packaging

POS for Beverages


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Now that you have seen how to display a big collection of bottles, why not also take a look and see what ODM can do with Bottle Glorifiers..

And a couple of words for our local followers in Russia:

POS-материалы – эффективнейший инструмент маркетинга. Грамотное применение POS материалов значительно повышает узнаваемость бренда и вероятность покупки Вашего товара. Ассортимент варьируется от миниатюрных плакатов до гигантских воздушных шаров. POS-материалы будут 24 часа в сутки напоминать о Вашем бренде.