If you’re thinking of an affordable, yet effective point of sale merchandising technique, then hangsell displays may be what you need! As the name suggests, hangsell displays are POS displays mounted on shelves and walls. These marketing tools may look simple but they are very effective in driving impulse purchase right at the point of sale!

Hangsell Displays

Hangsell Displays

Take a look at our examples by Lotte and Alpenliebe. The brands have utilized custom hangsell displays to give their brands a boost. Found in the busy shopping mart of Vietnam, our attention was immediately caught by the hanging displays. The products are easily accessible and are practically convincing shoppers to grab a candy before they check out.

Hangsell Displays

Hangsell Displays

Lotte’s Xylitol gums are arranged in a way that customers can easily grab the containers. On the other hand, Alpenliebe used a simple hanging clip strip to showcase their merchandise. These are simple and straightforward yet they easily arouse shoppers’ curiosity.

Hangsell Displays

Hangsell Displays


How can Hangsell Displays Drive Impulse Purchase?

1. Visibility

It can be hard for smaller items to be noticed, but with the use hangsell display, products can be noticed right away as they are easily accessible to shoppers. This gives products a chance to stand out as the unique way of arranging the merchandise breaks the monotony of the standard retail shelf. Here’s a similar example by Mentos.

2. Product Placement

Eye-level positioning of the products allows customers to see the products right away so customers are being primed to buy these products upon entering the store. With a hangsell display, it became easier for customers to locate where these products are.

3. Space Saving

Unlike free-standing displays, floor displays, and other POS display units, hangsell displays are space-saving. As they are usually used for merchandising smaller items, they are lightweight and are easy to transport. They do not take up much floor space so they are perfect for convenience stores with limited space.

Hangsell Displays

Hangsell Displays

4. Accessibility

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of using hangsell displays is the accessibility of products. It allows for customers to grab items while on the go. This is perfect for busy customers who barely have time to really browse through the shelves.

5. Visual Appeal

Hangsell displays are a great way to improve the visual appeal of your merchandise. Customers are likely to notice products if they are arranged differently than the rest. Hanging displays can be a great way to divert the attention of shoppers to your products and this encourages impulse purchase right at the point of sale!

Hangsell Displays

Hangsell Displays

6. Reusable

Xyitol’s hangsell display is made from wire mesh and is fairly durable so it can be reused for longer. On the other hand, Alpenliebe’s display is made of plastic and is lightweight. It suits their merchandise as the candies are not heavy. Furthermore, this type of display would be ideal for short promotional runs so it definitely is cost-effective.


Why Hangsell Display for Point of Sale Marketing?

Using hangsell displays for point of sale marketing is certainly a clever way to maximize your visibility while keeping your marketing budget at a minimum. They are simple and straightforward so customers will instantly get the message when you place them along busy sections of your store. Being eye-level, products can be noticed right away, thereby pushing customers to make buying decisions on the spot.

Hangsell Displays

Hangsell Displays

Lotte and Alpenliebe’s hangsell displays really helped drive impulse purchases at the point of sale. They are easy to implement, and the open design also allows the brand to create an instant connection with the customers. Thus, hangsell displays are a must-have in every retail store or marketing campaign.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How will hangsell displays affect staff?

Once effective, the staff will have to handle more daily customers, more sales, and more deliveries. This leading to longer working hours and the need to hire more staff.

What are the disadvantages of hangsell displays?

The time required in rearranging aisles, shelves, display fixtures, and the general layout of the interior retail space. This is to visually catch the eye of customers, thus spending longer times finding the perfect spot.