The competition between brands gets tougher every single day. New products enter the market, providing customers more options, but making it more difficult for brands to stand out. Using a hangsell can be a great way to differentiate your products from the rest. And investing in an effective and catchy hangsell display design can benefit your brand in so many ways.

Hangsell Display Design: Why Should Your Brand Use This Strategy

Hangsell Display Design: Why Should Your Brand Use This Strategy

Here’s a great example by Neutrogena. Their simple hangsell display design allows easy access to their products. They also maximized the limited store space they have by placing it in a high traffic area of the store. While other brands needed to use retail shelf talkers or posters to get their message across, Neutrogena’s call to action “Ya Probaste Las Toallitas #1 de Mexico?”  (Have you tried the # 1 wipes in Mexico?) can be read on the display itself.


What Makes a Good Hangsell Display Design?

As the name suggests, a hangsell display is a type of product display that hangs products to sell and promote. These POS displays are often used in supermarkets, retail shops, convenience stores, etc. A good hangsell design is easy to use, can hold a pretty impressive load, and can effectively promote your products.

In our samples, we see that both brands utilise the front part of the display as their marketing point. The logo and tag line are clearly visible in this hangsell display design. The main difference is the materials being used with Pringles using metal branded hangsell display.

Hangsell Display Design: Why Should Your Brand Use This Strategy

Hangsell Display Design: Why Should Your Brand Use This Strategy

Advantages Of A Hangsell Display

  • Eye-Catching – These hanging display shelves are aesthetically pleasing especially when the brand customises it creatively. This type of display gives your brand ample attention and visibility. The pop-out feature of hangsell displays attracts customers to check out your product. It is very interactive hence it increases advertising value which effectively promotes your brand and increases sales.
  • Portability – Unlike other displays, hangsell displays are probably the handiest type of display. It doesn’t require much space and is certainly lightweight. Therefore, merchandisers can set this up without hassle.
  • Promotes Impulse Buying – Hangsell displays are best to place near check out counters and because the smart design encourages customers to pick these items. Positioning the products at eye level, it also increases the chance of your products being picked by your customers.
  • Customisable – Just like other promotional items, custom hangsell displays are highly customisable. Brands may choose from cardboard, plastic, wood, and metal; it just depends on your brand’s preference and marketing budget.
Hangsell Display Design: Why Should Your Brand Use This Strategy

Hangsell Display Design: Why Should Your Brand Use This Strategy

So, if you are looking for new ways to market your brand, please don’t hesitate to contact us about creating your own winning hangsell display design. We specialize in promotional products and manufacturing retail displays and promotional products. We are the perfect choice to realise your dream displays.


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