Looking for new ways to market your brand? Fret not, we have you covered! In this blog, we will show you how to create a winning hang sell display, that will help to attract customers, and help to drive sales.

Here’s a fantastic example from Nesvita. The custom mounted display is situated at the far end side of the gondola shelf and has four tiers. We certainly like this unit because it’s space-saving and is easy to set-up.

Custom Hangsell Display by Nestle

Custom Hangsell Display by Nestle


How do you make sure your Custom Hang Sell Display wins over the crowd?

1. Display placement

One of the important factors in creating an impressive hang sell display is the location. It is crucial to display your hang sell strip in a high-traffic area, in order to attract customers. And one good location for a hanging custom POS display would be the ends of a gondola shelf. It doesn’t compete with shelf space and is very accessible to customers walking past the display. Just look at this display by Nestle, that advertises its Nesvita products!

2. Description of display

It is important to have a punchy description that would easily capture the interest of shoppers. This is because people’s attention span is short, and a long-winded description are often uninteresting to read.

3. Appeal to Their Senses

Another way to ensure the success of your hang sell display promotion is through sensory marketing. Making your display vibrant and attractive will definitely appeal to their sense of sight. Use bright colours and bold fonts to ensure maximum exposure and visibility for your display. Nesvita’s display, did this well by showing a mug of cereals. Or, you can also use an LED retail display to further increase the prominence of your unit, especially from a distance.


Benefits of using Hang Sell Displays

There are many positive benefits to using a hang sell display. Such a POS display is easy to set up, portable, and is flexible in terms of design. This means that you can use your imagination to create the display that you are dreaming of. It is also good for short promotional runs, which makes it suitable for a festival promotion.

Interested in manufacturing a hang sell display to promote your products? Feel free to contact us today! We specialize in promotional products and manufacturing retail displays, which means that we are the perfect choice to get your dream display created.


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