This Wooden POS Display certainly upholds classic Japanese wooden interior and simplistic design. This is a visually appealing and simple design but is instantly appealing to customers. POS Display Units are a great way to make your product stand out on the shop aisle. Straight away, the customer can see your product over competitor brands. Furthermore, it allows for a large marketing space to put your brand name.


The company that designs this product Royal Gateway, have certainly put a lot of thought into this design. Initial appearance is everything when it comes to a Custom POS Display. It is the first impression a customer will get from your product and, with so many other products that are similar to choose from will form their opinion within seconds if they are attracted to your branding or not.


Wooden POS Display - Simple yet Sophisticated

Wooden POS Display – Simple yet Sophisticated


Umeshu is a Japanese liqueur made by steeping ume fruits in alcohol and sugar. Hoshi Ume Sparkling is Umeshu ready top drink in natural Japanese plum flavors the taste of sweet and sour rich of natural Japanese plum.


Wooden POS Display - Simple yet Sophisticated

Wooden POS Display – Simple yet Sophisticated


This is certainly not the first time we have seen a beverage display rack, yet we are impressed by its slick look.


Why we like this Wooden POS Display:

  • Authentic Appeal: This stand has an authentic Japanese visual appeal with its lightwood material and embossed Japanese characters. As this is a Japanese style beverage, this will add to the authenticity of it and make customers more likely to buy it for a ‘true experience’. This authentic appeal works much better for this company than a cardboard POS display.


  • Upholds Brand Reputation: This Wooden POS Display has an immediate design appeal. This stylish, sophisticated and simple design will attract customers. They will also make similar connotations to the product based on this branding look. For the reason that, as mentioned above, initial encounter with a brand is so vital, this bran reputation becomes important.


  • Cheap but Effective: For companies looking to decrease their in-store marketing budget this is a cheap but effective method of maintaining shelf advertising at a low cost.


  • Boost you Sales. These POS display can help increase the long-term profitability of the company. This is because it stimulates people’s curiosity and makes them want to check it out. This will also draw in new customers.


  • Customisable. If you want to have something grand and you don’t mind spending a little more for your marketing projects, you can easily customise this display. You can use LED displays for your brand. Know more about this campaign: LED Lighting & advertising signage

Are you looking for more ways to stand out? How could a wooden POS Display help your company? Here at the ODM we have an expert team of designers and manufactures that can produce products exactly to your desire. So get in contact with us today – we’d love to hear from you! 


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