Choosing a custom display stand for your brand is definitely one of the crucial factors to consider for brand marketing. Indeed, your retail display’s appearance can also define how you present your products to the market. Consequently, this part can be tricky and frustrating, as you would certainly like to aim for a unique retail display idea. You don’t have to worry anymore, because you’re on the right page! Let us unravel the beauty of this wooden crate retail display and tap into powerful marketing.

Wooden Crate Retail Display

Wooden Crate Retail Display

This particular wooden POP display was designed to house a variety of different brands of liquor. It currently houses Kaiserdom and Volfas Engelman products.

The POS designer has made sure to use a neutral color to suit any type of drinks the merchandisers would wish to display. What also caught our attention is the location of the display. It was found at the side part of the end cap. It was a smart move because it is eye-catching and space-saving.

Made of wood, crates are designed for shipping goods. But they are also a fantastic display as they lend a rustic vibe. Moreover, giving them a new lease of life is good for the environment. You can customize them to give them a new role in your retail business.


Wooden Crate Retail Display: What Are the Advantages?

Offers Enhanced Protection to the Products –

Made from high-quality wood material, this retail display is certainly sturdy and well-built. It can definitely offer enhanced protection and security to your products. You can have peace of mind as you choose a built-to-last retail display for your brand. It can hold your products for a long period of time. Moreover, it can withstand everyday wear and tear, unlike other known materials. It is absolutely one of the most reliable options that you can use when manufacturing POS displays.

Can Be Designed According to Your Needs –

This wooden crate retail display can be used to come up with smart and innovative designs. Undoubtedly, wooden crates can allow easy loading and unloading of materials. Through this, you can make the most out of it and efficiently maneuver it to your own liking. It will make your brainstorming easier and smoother.

Totally Customizable –

The customization options for this wooden crate display are totally endless. You can explore other designs and forms that will suit your marketing needs. As they are for long-term use, you can also reuse these wooden crates display for another marketing campaign that you will plan.

Minimalistic and Aesthetic Design –

If you want to save up space and materials, this wooden crate retail display is an exemplary option for you. You can have your minimalistic retail display without risking the quality and appearance. This material also offers aesthetically pleasing vibes that will certainly catch the attention of your consumers.


Wooden Crate Retail Display

Wooden Crate Retail Display


5 Tips to Boost Brand Visibility with Wooden Crate Display

1. Set them on a high foot-traffic area.

The area for your retail display is significant to your brand marketing strategy. You can position your in-store display in a place where a lot of customers can see it. Endcap displays are a great place to show off your products. Through this, you can take the whole aisle to the consumers. It will make your wooden crate retail display look inviting, thus attracting passersby effectively.

2. Customize them according to your brand identity.

You can definitely set a theme for your wooden crate retail display. Customizing your materials according to your brand’s logo and color will certainly help consumers to identify your brand. It will also help to create a distinction between your products and your competitors.

3. Incorporate engaging banners.

An amazing retail display can certainly perform well with an engaging banner. Let your consumers and onlookers be intrigued by your product with enticing messages and details. Undoubtedly, it adds up to the whole appearance of the display. Engaging banners can spice up your simple product display and let people talk about your brand!

4. Let customers touch your products.

Wooden crate retail display is undeniably accessible to consumers. You can keep them on ideal levels, so it will be easy for onlookers to check out your merchandise. Moreover, giving them a great view and letting them touch your products through a retail display can drive last-minute purchases.

5. Keep them portable.

You can easily transport this type of point of sale display as they are definitely portable in nature. You can also assign different retail displays into different high foot-traffic places at the same time. Keeping your merchandise display portable will be totally convenient for you.


Our Takeaways

A wooden crate retail display is undoubtedly one of the perfect retail display ideas you can choose from. You can create smart designs through this material and practice upcycling consequently. It offers versatile storage solutions that can cater to your marketing needs in any season. If you like to tap into a powerful marketing strategy, go ahead and send us now an email to plan your own wooden crate retail display!

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We also offer product brainstorming sessions and a range of custom promotional merchandise perfect for your brand. Feel free to contact us today to find out more about how we can help your brand with your marketing needs!


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