What is the best way to break the monotony of retail? In-store displays are an integral part of every brick and mortar shop. This is because they allow merchandisers to be creative with their visual merchandising. Simple yet impactful, Monkey Shoulder’s in-store product display caught our attention while we were shopping at Duty Zero.

In-Store Product Display

In-Store Product Display

If a shopper is looking for new drinks to try, they are more likely to grab products from an eye-catching display. Monkey Shoulder‘s freestanding display comes in a bright orange color that stands out from a distance. Since the brand is offering a huge discount on its products, the color greatly helped direct the customer’s attention towards the display. Written on the poster is “Buy 2 Get 15% Discount.”

In-Store Product Display

In-Store Product Display

In this setting, where there are so many similar products competing for consumers’ attention, this is a surefire way to stand out. Here’s why:


Why Monkey Shoulder’s In-Store Product Display is an Excellent POS Display?

Memorable– The color pops, which makes it easier for customers to see the display. It matches their trademark colors so they really make a striking and memorable impression on customers.

Simple Yet Effective- If you take a closer look at the display, the wooden display has some cute graffiti on the frame, which adds a cool accent to their simple retail POS display. This is proof that simple is more. For an established brand like Monkey Shoulder, focusing on upholding its image and delivering its brand message in a way that people will easily understand are more important to them.

In-Store Product Display

In-Store Product Display

Durable- The three-tiered display is made from wood and PVC pipes so merchandisers can really expect the branded FSDU to last for years. Wood is a great material because it gives the display a high-quality look.

Effective Branding- The beams are branded to further reinforce its message. This is a clever way to make use of every space of its display. We also love the addition of lemons on the display as it upholds the brand’s reputation as a whiskey made for mixing. As we all know, whiskey lovers like mixing whiskey with wedges of lemon for a fruity taste.

Display Placement- Monkey Shoulder kept their display simple but due to its conspicuous placement, customers always stop by to take a look at the products on offer. Freestanding displays such as this one by Monkey Shoulder is a smart way to retail products. Being standalone helps the brand stand out from the rest.


This freestanding display unit by Monkey Shoulder reminds us of another excellent in-store product display. In this blog, you will see how Hoshi has incorporated the authentic Japanese wooden interior into their display to make it more appealing. It is simple and neat, but it also instantly draws attention.


Here is another fine example of a wooden in-store product display. The overall design may be simple, but we can see that the brand has certainly put a lot of thought into the display. The elements, such as the color, branding and fake grass create a fresh and clean ambiance, which reflects their company’s mission to provide organic milk to their Vietnamese market.


Another simple, yet effective in-store product display. Everything is written in Russian so it can be difficult for non-Russian speakers to read the label, but thanks to its simplistic yet clear branding, it has become easier to identify what household product this is. This is evidence that a well-thought-out display can transcend language barriers.


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Are you looking for ways to stand out? Always remember that when faced with so many choices, a customer is likely to make a buying decision based on appearance only. So, make a positive first impression with an in-store product display!

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