In-store displays are a great promotional strategy for FMCG brands to stand out from competitors in a retail store and boost sales. Recently, I went to the supermarket in Singapore and came across this Pop-Up Product Display by Nature Valley. I was marveled by the design as it was very creative and interesting.

Pop-Up Product Display

Pop-Up Product Display

This custom in-store display is to promote their new line of products – Nutri Cookies. This marketing strategy is indeed very effective as you can see above, the shelves are almost cleared.


Here are a few reasons why I enjoyed their Pop-Up Product Display and their promotion strategy:

Innovative Design

I absolutely love the upper section of the branded FSDU. I like the fact that they made use of pop-ups as this is an effective way to capture shopper’s attention. There are pop-ups of signs showcasing the different flavours and a basket of wheat. On the upper step, they showcase their new products and made them visible to shoppers.

Also, another feature that I like is the use of fake wheat, which is one of the ingredients. There were also fake plants to accentuate the display. This will  intrigue many. Lastly, the backboard features an image of a valley and the top section is surrounded by wooden fences.

Pop-Up Product Display

Pop-Up Product Display

Effective Branding

The overall farm theme and use of fake props indeed encapsulate their brand and products and also gives off a very homey feel. Furthermore, their brand logo is clear and noticeable for shoppers to see. The text on the FSDU design is in bold and capital letters which will bring the attention of the shopper. Also, the use of bold capital letters emphasises their brand more and can urge shoppers to buy their product. On each shelf, there is an adjective to describe the product which can entice shoppers to try their new line of products.



Shoppers will definitely remember this out-of-the-box design. It is very interesting and different from other display units. Hence, they may want to try more of Nature Valley’s product in the future.

Pop-Up Product Display

Pop-Up Product Display


Strategic Location

This in store FSDU is definitely placed at a very strategic location, which is near the packet drinks aisle. Granola cookies are a great morning snack and are great with 3-in-1 coffee or tea that some shoppers are going to buy.



The shelves are made of metal which is very durable and can stand for a long time. Also, for this display, they attach custom printed cardboard to sides of the shelf. Hence, instead of replacing the entire unit, the brand can just change the carboard attached.


Highly Customisable

POS displays are highly customisable. Possibilities are endless when it comes to designing them, such as the shape and print. For cardboard, CMYK printing is possible and can be cut out into custom shapes.


Our Takeaways

This pop-up POS display by  Nature Valley is indeed very creative and unique. The brand is very successful in capturing the attention of shoppers and stand out in a very competitive market. In addition, the design of the store display is very memorable and really encapsulates what their brand is about.


How ODM can help

Rolling out a custom POS display for your in-store promotion is not that difficult. Our ODM team can help you with just that. We have years of experience in the promotional product industry and have assisted with many well-known brands. We also have a talented team of designers from Mindsparkz to help with the design process. Other than POS displays, we also help FMCG brands with designing on-pack promotions, gifts with purchasebrand packaging, licensed merchandise and more. No task is too complex for us. Contact us today!


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