We love this bespoke in-store FSDU by Oreo. Unique and remarkable, we were able to tell right away what brand it is upon entering the store.

In-Store FSDU

In-Store FSDU

The branded FSDU stood out because the color is catchy and the shape is unlike the usual rectangular shelf. Extraordinary and attention-grabbing, the POS display design is out of the box- literally.

Because it is placed along the aisle, it has tremendously improved Oreo’s product placement. With the competition becoming hectic by the day, this makes it easier for the brand to stand out and break the boring shelf retailing.


Why We Love Oreo’s In-Store FSDU

Bespoke Shape Commands Attention– The bespoke shape is really eye-catching and hard to miss. Upon entering the supermarket, this was one of the few things that left an incredible impression on us. It looks like a huge chocolate-vanilla cookie from afar and this is a good way to create a good first impression.

In-Store FSDU

In-Store FSDU

Remarkable Color – Royal blue is Oreo! Not only did the shape gave away the brand, but the color made it obvious that this is Oreo. Anyone passing by the display would surely be compelled to look at it and eventually check the products out. This is a great idea because it creates a sense of familiarity. Furthermore, since it enhances the brand’s visibility inside the busy shopping store, it makes it easier for customers to locate the products the next time they go shopping.

Upholds Reputation – “Stay Playful With Oreo” which is written on the shelf, resonates with the brand. One can see the work that goes into creating such a bespoke display. And true to their motto, they made their in-store FSDU playful and interesting to capture the attention of their target market.

In-Store FSDU

In-Store FSDU

Drives Impulse Purchase – Made from wood, the display is certainly sturdy and high-end looking. Just by looking at the freestanding display, we get the urge to snack on Oreo chocolate cookies. I told myself “I need to get a box now” the instant I saw it.

Convenience– We love the open layout of the shelf as it allows customers to grab products while on the go. All sides are accessible and inviting.



Our Key Takeaways

Oreo’s in-store FSDU is one of the best free standing display units we have seen thus far. The shape, colors, materials, quality, and designs are all exceptional. We can see that it is well-thought-out, Moreover, it embodies everything that the brand stands for.


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