On-shelf merchandising is defined as the goods displayed on or in the shelves and retail fixtures inside the store. The goal is to converse with shoppers at an eye-level and stimulate impulse buys. This strategy is extremely helpful in retailing new products and promoting discounts.

According to retail experts, there are six methods of on-shelf advertising namely: shelving, pegging, dumping, hanging, stacking, and folding.

Retail merchandisers know the importance of on-shelf merchandising. Using the right display is half the battle to a successful and effective shelf marketing. Here are some on-shelf merchandising display ideas we found at a supermarket recently.


Examples of On-Shelf Merchandising Displays

Metal Wire Hangsell Display

Hangsell displays are a smart way to utilize unused spaces in the store. This example by Green Cross proves how flexible and functional hangsell displays are. This particular example is made from metal wire.

On-Shelf Merchandising Display

On-Shelf Merchandising Display

The five-tier hanging display is fairly sturdy and lightweight. Each layer showcases variants of Green Cross soap. Both sides of the display have a protruding holder for their retail soaps in-pack. We like this particular mounted display rack because it allows merchandisers to showcase their products in a way that easily catch the attention of shoppers.

On-Shelf Merchandising Display

On-Shelf Merchandising Display

Custom Shelf Talkers

These shelf talkers for Downy are simple yet made a huge impact on us. Because it is slightly jutting out from the shelf, it was hard to ignore. There were two designs for these shelf talkers: a darker one for Downy Parfum Series and Downy Infusions.

On-Shelf Merchandising Display

On-Shelf Merchandising Display

The shelf is not only dedicated to one brand but, there are also competitor brands being displayed on that particular gondola. Therefore, the use of mini shelf talkers is a breath of fresh air. It directs the focus of customers on the shelf talkers and away from competitor products.

On one side of the box, you can find a QR code that when scanned will take you to Downy’s website. You can also see their taglines written on them.

On-Shelf Merchandising Display

On-Shelf Merchandising Display


Standalone Shelf

This standalone shelf by Mr. Muscle is also another fine example of a shelf merchandising display. We particularly love the bright orange custom POP display shelf. It stood out and managed to command attention even it was positioned in a place where there is not enough foot traffic.

On-Shelf Merchandising Display

On-Shelf Merchandising Display

We love the unconventional shape of the FSDU. It looks as if multiple smaller boxes are stacked to form a tall shelf. Their tagline, “Clean Less. Live More,” is also printed on the beams to make their message clearer to passersby.

One thing we noticed about the shelf is that the products are obviously selling fast. It is almost empty. To keep the shelf more attractive to shoppers, it is important to replenish the stocks.


Why On-Shelf Merchandising is Important

Every retailer knows that effective product placement is critical in influencing shoppers’ buying behavior. According to studies, almost two-thirds of purchasing decisions are done on the spot. So, you have to make your on-shelf advertising as enticing as possible to push customers to make the purchase.

Eye-level is the most effective position in the retail store. According to studies, shoppers are more likely to purchase products that are placed within the eye-level. This is because products placed at that position are valued higher by customers and they are also easily noticeable. It is the perfect spot for fast-selling products because of the massive attention they get from customers.

Were you inspired by these examples? Here are other examples from shops around the globe:


Other On-Shelf Merchandising Display Ideas from ODM

These customized confectionery POS displays take shelf merchandising to another level. The customized shelves are a genius idea to make M&Ms and Cadbury stand out.


Here is another hangsell display to check out! Made from plastic and lightweight, this is an ideal marketing idea for snacks. Furthermore, it is a visually appealing addition to an otherwise generic retail shelf.


Here is another on-shelf advertising method that you may want to try. Although very simple, It did not fail to draw the attention of customers to their products.


On-shelf merchandising displays are easily the best ways to make people notice your products. In a saturated market, a good first impression is important. Customers are more likely to choose products with attractive and out-of-the-box shelf marketing displays.

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