Recently, we spotted this interesting promotional idea in a retail store in Belgium. Pringles  created a colorful plastic hangsell display to capture attention of consumers. This promotional display is simple but very effective and generates amazing results in terms of sales and gain new customers. In this article, we will explain how to successfully capture attention with unilateral branded hangsell display.

Plastic hangsell display

Plastic hangsell display

How this Plastic Hangsell Display Effectively Captures Attention

Colorful display

The brand developed a hanging branded POP display with a punchy red color. The color reflects perfectly the brand image and it allows to capture the attention of consumers walking along the aisle of the retail store. Using punchy colors is the easier and most effective way to draw the attention of potential consumers.


This type of plastic hangsell display is the most effective display to save space on the store shelves. It doesn’t take up any space and it does not hide the products that are behind because it is relatively thin and it’s unilateral. Moreover, the hangsell display is pretty long and allow to store 10 pack of chips.

Plastic hangsell display 2

Plastic hangsell display

Perfect location

The plastic hangsell display has to be in the good aisle to capture attention and drive sales for complementary products. In this example, the Pringle’s hangsell display was displayed in the aisle of beers. What’s better than drinking a fresh beer with some chips? This location is perfect to drive more sales.


This type of branded retail display will not only maximise shelf space, but also allow consumers to take one of the displayed products easily. Moreover, this plastic hangsell display is cost-effective for brands. The no-frills design makes it easy to manufacture. And since it is made from plastic, it is fairly sturdy and long-lasting.


As mentioned before, this unilateral plastic hangsell display is perfect to capture attention. Because it’s displayed at eye level and located near the store aisle, consumers will directly notice it, and the likelihood of purchase by consumers is increased. Eye-level is buy level. This means when something is within the field of vision, our attention is directed to that object, leaving everything in the background. And this is a surefire way to increase sales despite having so many competitors.


How can ODM help?

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Another smart idea of Pringles branded hangsell display spotted at the snacks section, the point of purchase display hangs on one side of a shelf. Upon seeing the hanging display, we were immediately drawn to it.

Hangsell displays are POS displays mounted on shelves and walls. These marketing tools may look simple but they are very effective in driving impulse purchase right at the point of sale!

Hangsell displays are ideal for merchandising small products because this allows you to create a better visual presentation. If you are selling chocolates and candies, why not create a confectionery display so that they won’t get pushed in the background? Here are sweet confectionery display ideas you need to see!

All kinds of POS displays are very effective promotions to increase sales.  While some are more traditional such as merchandise displays or cardboard POS displays, others try to stand out from competitors by creating cardboard hang sell displays with plastic compartment as Nestlé.

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