The way a product is displayed can be the deciding factor for the success of the product and the brand as a whole. Glade has taken this opportunity to advertise its products in a mounted display rack in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

A mounted display rack can be an effective tool in attracting more customers and therefore improving brand recognition. Furthermore, as compared to traditional shelves, brands are also able to design the mounted rack. Also, it is much more effective in attracting the customers’ attention. This is because the mounted display usually extends to eye-level or higher.


A Mounted Display Stand is an effective method to make your brand stand out from your competitors.

Mounted Display Rack by Glade - Cheap yet Effective

Mounted Display Rack by Glade – Cheap yet Effective

What are the Benefits of using a Mounted Display Rack?

Brand Recognition: Brands can custom design the mounted display racks, allowing them to ultimately decide on how to advertise and display their products to consumers. This will definitely help improve brand recognition.

Visibility: Mounted Display Racks can stretch from the eye-level or higher. This will allow all consumers to see and reach for the products, be it children or adults. This will result in product recognition and even sales.

Cheap: Displaying products on Mounted Display Racks are generally cheaper than displaying on traditional shelves. This is because brands no longer have to compete with other brands for shelf space. This can allow brands to cut down on shelving costs and ultimately improve their profitability in the long-run.


In a nutshell, the marketing campaign by Glade was a success as Glade is able to achieve its marketing goals. They can improve on the marketing campaign by utilising the mounted display rack as a POS display. This will allow Glade to tap on the impulsive nature of the consumers as consumers can easily grab the item whilst heading to the cashier.

With the help of ODM, we can help you create a mounted display rack, merchandise display, and free standing display unit, and get your products noticed. Contact us today!


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