Thanks to its unique window display, T.M Lewin has gained positive attention recently. The clothing brand’s merchandise display is well-executed, meaningful, and eye-catching.

Merchandise Display by T.M Lewin Drives In-Store Performance

Merchandise Display by T.M Lewin Drives In-Store Performance

We can see that the brand employed various props such as mannequin hands, plinths, gold bottles, and high end gift boxes. They also incorporated their products such as shirts, bow ties, and cufflinks in boxes into the theme of the display. What caught our attention is the mannequin hand holding a gold bottle with gold foil coming out as if pouring wine. The whole setup commands attention and exudes a high-end vibe.

Here, we discuss why we love this marketing scheme so much.

Why We Love T.M. Lewin Merchandise Display

  • Novelty: The brand caters to men’s fashion needs and incorporating their products into the display highlighted that message. It is novel in that they used different props to create a solid visual display. The gold foil that comes out of the golden bottle adds texture to the presentation. It attracts shoppers and passersby, thereby increasing foot traffic to their store.
  • Theme: The theme is suitable for Christmas promotions. It’s as if convincing customers to buy the men in their life a fashionable and high-quality holiday gift.
  • Plinths: The brand also made the plinth look like boxed presents to complement the theme.
  • Color and Texture: The color, props, and texture of the setup made a powerful visual that suits their target audience. The gold and blue motif stood out and differentiated their brand from the rest. Furthermore, the bold colors blended well with their backdrop.

Boost Your Promotions with Merchandise Display

Merchandise displays allow merchandisers to present their products in a visually stimulating way. It helps pull in customers, improve brand recall, and drives sales up. If you want to achieve great results with merchandise displays, read on these quick tips:

  • Find a Central Theme: In our example, you’ll get the impression that the brand is marketing their products as fantastic gifts for your loved ones. The champagne and the gift boxes also create a Holiday imagery. We can say that, the theme is what ensures consistency and relevance of the window display.
  • Group Items: Arrange the items by product use, color, or shape. This will make the display more exciting and interesting to look at. In our example, you’ll notice that the shirts are folded neatly on one side while the bow ties and cuff links in boxes are displayed on the plinth. Grouping similar items together prevented clutter and highlighted the smaller items.
  • Lighting: Make sure to light up your window display. Focus on the most important part of your setup for a dramatic effect. Lighting helps get the attention of your target customers.

In essence, your window display is the first thing people will notice about your store. It is the creative visual representation of your brand message, so it’s important to get it right the first time round.

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