Enhance the look of any promotional gift with a high-end gift box.  For direct marketing, ODM really recommends this LCD screen video display for box packaging.  The packaging is not only informative but eyecatching and unique. Brands in the automotive space could use this to showcase advert for a new car launch at the same time as offering clients a gift. Take Collectors edition games, music, and movies to the next level.  Check out how HBO use this box for promotion on their Spanish market.

high-end gift box

High-End Gift Box with Video Display for Direct Marketing

For starters, this trade show giveaway works as a usual box for presents. It has a deep storage space for gifts and you can work with our Team at Mindsparkz to customise the shape and video.  There are a couple of magnets on one face of the PCB board shell to keep the flap secured. The thin garters inside lets the lid stay upright too. In addition to that, the latter is necessary so that the customers can watch infomercials playing on the monitor.

All the electronic stuff is within the cover. You can see from this angle (as shown above) that the flap isn’t chunky. Well, that’s because the manufacturer used micro-thin LCD in this advertising product. The size of the screen can change by a few inches, yet the thickness remains the same.

high-end gift box

High-End Gift Box with Video Display for Direct Marketing

The images also display a cord connected to the promotional video box. Yes, it has a USB port for charging the batteries of the LCD. Since it’s small, consumers may plug the merchandise in a wall socket or a power bank with a micro-USB cable.

Furthermore, you won’t need to add subtitles to every sales promotion that plays here. In fact, there are speakers attached to the monitor. That’s what the middle round icon beside the screen is for. The top and bottom ones, on the other hand, are for Play, Pause, and Stop, respectively.

High-End Gift Box Attributes That Brands Want for Advertising

  • Useful. Limits don’t apply to the types of items that the video box can bring to clients. Online shops can produce it to ship the consumers’ purchases in. Companies may also use it for promo product launch or as a corporate gift.
  • Brandable. The sample high-end gift box is for HBO in Spain. To comply with the label’s signature colors, the manufacturer used 1C printing. Despite that, the material can handle full-color printing as well.
  • Lasting. The promotional merchandise creates a lasting impression to the target market. You don’t get that kind of gift from many companies, after all. Even after taking the goods out of it, they may even flaunt it to their loved ones.

Got products to deliver to consumers real soon? Pack them in a high-end gift box with a video display. You can load different advertisements to it, depending on the memory disk size you choose. They can watch the clips over and over as well since the rechargeable batteries link to a USB port. That will then be a direct marketing tool to beat.

For questions on how the gift box manufacturing in China goes, keep in touch with The ODM Group.

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Who is the target audience for this high-end gift box?gift box?

Brands in the tech industry, corporate industry, games, and even automobile can use this as a promotional strategy for their high-end clients/customers. Those who know quality things and have an appreciation for it are bound to really value this high-end gift box.

Why should I invest in a high end gift box?

This box is not only multifunctional, but it is also top of the game and this is bound to make it even more relevant to your audience. If properly branded and done, your clients/customers will not forget it in a hurry as it is the kind of gift that speaks for you. It can be used as a thing of pride and exclusivity in a way that customers feel the need to patronise more of your brand in order to qualify for this high end gift box.