How Custom Bar Stools BOOST Outdoor Brand Promotions

Consider investing in some custom bar stools for your brand.   It gives a great sign to your clients that their comfort is your brand’s priority.  You better believe it’s possible to use chairs for a whole host of marketing campaigns.  This one shown below has lots of unique design functions and we would like to share.

custom bar stools

How Custom Bar Stools Do Well for Outdoor Brand Promotion

You have several metal pieces bent and bonded together by screws for the legs. Since stainless items are great for outdoor advertising, there are rubber slices at the bottom. These will prevent the steel from scraping, in case you place the stool on a rough surface.

The metallic legs have a round seat on top, which the manufacturer crafted from the same material. Now, its shape may get you to wonder why it resembles a shallow can. It’s almost like the container for processed foods, isn’t it?

custom bar stools

How Custom Bar Stools Do Well for Outdoor Brand Promotion

The reason is that you can remove the cover and fill the hollow space inside with promotional gifts. That can mean anything, including (but not limited to) whiskey bottles, wine, and beer cans.  Add in some ice to make it a cooler bucket.

The fact that it doubles as an instant storage makes the product perfect for trade shows. Assuming you’ve attended one before, you know there’s only a small space for brand marketing in such events. But then you won’t need tables when the goods can stay in the customized stools. You may actually leave some free so that the clients can sit on them.

custom bar stools

How Custom Bar Stools Do Well for Outdoor Brand Promotion

The picture below shows how you can further customize stainless steel stools. Altering the paint on the merchandise appears to be the quickest way of doing it. Some lids have cushion too, while others have a company logo pressed into them. You may also change the angle of the legs or lengthen them even more.

custom bar stools

How Custom Bar Stools Do Well for Outdoor Brand Promotion

This setup should give bar owners an idea of how the products can do well for outdoor promotion. You can, after all, take away the storage part and keep the cover to create tables. They are unique appliances, so the setting may attract the mature market once seen outside your place. In simpler terms, that spells brand activation.

Liquor labels such as Pim’s and Lanique are just some examples of companies using this kind of high end promotional product.  It doesn’t stop with drinks companies.   Any brand targeting end clients can use these as high end gifts for redemption or as a purchase with purchase promotion.   It transfers a little coolness to the brand and is a product that has great utility.

Why You Must Have Custom Bar Stools

  • Promote Brand Recognition. The chairs are large marketing gifts. Hence, it’s OK to do branding by embossing, debossing, or painting the logo. Whichever style you decide on, maximize the dimensions of it for consumers to instantly identify your company.
  • Improve Business Reputation. When people notice that you customize stainless steel stools, they’ll see your efforts. Some may even think that you recycled the appliances, which many are into these days. Thus, putting them in a trade fair booth or in front of the bar can boost your social status.
  • Increase Profits. This advertising merchandise can help you gain sales in more ways than one. In case you promote an establishment, these chairs can attract folks to sit down and order something. If a liquor company uses the stools in drinks promos as PWP or GWP, that’s cool too.

To recap, metallic chairs are amazing marketing tools since they’re readily visible to consumers. The products cannot rust; that’s why you may utilize them for outdoor campaigns. But branding aside, we can help you turn custom bar stools as well into promo ice boxes. How’s that for functionality?

ODM spent many days walking trade shows and some of these innovative designs were exhibited at recent Canton Fairs and other furniture fairs we visit in China.

Simply contact The ODM Group should you wish to manufacture branded chairs in China. Cheers!

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