The worlds most famous energy drink company, Red Bull, has been seen to be using branded office chairs within its offices. This was done in order to engage its employees and make them involved with the organization.

Below you can see what this excellent marketing product looks like.

Branded office chairs by Red Bull

Branded office chairs by Red Bull

How do these branded office chairs provide Red Bull with brand exposure?

Branded office chairs might seem like a strange investment for a company. However, imagine how many third parties will be visiting your office during a certain period of time? Imagine the exposure these kind of promotional items will have to these external parties.

Red Bull has used this kind of promotion effectively, as people will have the brand in their minds every time they see the chairs! So these kind of promotional products can be used to create a clear picture of the brand in peoples minds. The fact that Red Bull is constantly uses promotional merchandise proves that it must be beneficial for them, primarily from the increased brand exposure.

One of the key benefits of these promotional items is that they offer a great branding opportunity for any brand – as it’s possible to imprint any logo on the product. This means it can be customized to match any company theme. So it’s a guaranteed method to make your brand stand out and increase your brands exposure. There’s also the option of producing a more high end logo printing, such as heat transfer. This involves setup fees, but the logos will be higher quality, which in turn will ensure that it’s longer lasting.

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