Red Bull is having a promotion from 12 September to 9 October 2012. Stand a chance to win this racing premium set – consisting of an umbrella, a bag, a cap and a racing t-shirt. All you have to do is purchase at least SGD5 worth of red bull products and register online!

Red Bull Racing Premiums

‘Red bull gives you wings.’ That’s the slogan of Red Bull, an energy drink that supplies you with all the vitality you need to participate in rigorous activities such as racing. Out of all things, why racing premiums? The reason is simple – racers are direct customers of Red Bull. Therefore, this promotion is definitely viable by giving away racing premiums.

This promotion is definitely attractive. It is not one or two racing items to be won, but one full set! In every successful promotion, it is a win-win situation. Red Bull not only increases brand awareness with its logo branded on every item, it also has increase in sales.

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