Toys ‘R Us is probably the largest international toy store chain, and definitely every child’s favourite.

We have an exceptional and exclusive promotion by Toys ‘R Us for all kids that reside in the United States! All you have to do is to collect this coupon and make your way down to any Toys ‘R Us store on October 11-13 and October 18-19.

Toys ‘R Us Free Toy Promotion


Toys ‘R Us Free Toy Promotion

ODM definitely loves this promotion! Simply because there is nothing to be purchased in exchange for the gift! In comparison, other promotions usually have a promotion criteria.  For example, you will have to purchase at least $50 worth of products before getting the promotional item. In this case, all you need is a coupon! In addition, you can choose the gift that you would like!

This promotion definitely generates walk-in customers for Toys ‘R Us, therefore increasing brand awareness and improving brand image. Most importantly, it increases the customer base of Toys ‘R Us.

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