This summer Toys R Us are holding a Road Show Tour with a free toy giveaway. Where attendees will be invited to play and have fun with some of their favourite toys.  This a clever marketing technique where, as opposed to just offering a free promotional gift, children are allowed to play with better and more expensive products. Holding an event for this means there will help promote the Toys R Us brand.

Toys R Us Canada Road Show Tour Event: FREE Toy Giveaway

Toys R Us Canada Road Show Tour Event: FREE Toy Giveaway

When trying to market your product, free giveaways are a fantastic way to increase brand awareness. However, choose a giveaway focused on your demographic. Toy’s R Us is a toy company, therefore their free giveaway is aimed at children. You would not expect Toy’s R Us to be offering free pens as a giveaway.

How to take full advantage of free toy giveaway events

What is especially interesting about Toys R Us’ approach here, is that as well as offering a free giveaway, they are also having a summer long tour. Over the summer, this tour will be visiting different Toys R Us locations around the Greater Toronto Area. This will increase the brand recognition of Toys R Us, giving long term benefits after the tour has finished.

Toys R Us Canada Road Show Tour Event: FREE Toy Giveaway

Toys R Us Canada Road Show Tour Event: FREE Toy Giveaway

While an effective advertising technique, having an event offering free giveaway’s will be beneficial to the customers too. Toys R Us know that children will want the free giveaway and then parents will feel obliged to buy better and more higher quality products as a result. The brand will be known to be fun for children and thus parents are much more likely to return, thus giving Toys R Us increased sales.

If a brand can become known for being more than just a product they produce, then this brand becomes part of the public consciousness.  The best example would be RedBull, this is an energy drinks manufacturer, which has aligned itself with extreme sports events, now the brand’s publicity is more than just energy drinks.

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