Promo Ideas - Customized Beach Flags

Red Bull Malaysia have been promoting their drinks all around Malaysia through promotional events. They have been promoting Red Bull through the use of beach flags and inflatables – capturing the attention of many Malaysians.

The traditional use of banners for promotions still exist, but novelty displays like these attracts attention. Some companies are now using car flags for promotional displays. (Have a look at an article we wrote on car flags)

Inflatables work very well as promotional displays for large-scale events – as they can be massively sized to capture attention. This is effective because large-scale events involves many participants. The bigger the size of a display in an event, the more attention it will get.

Inflatable Displays for Events

Inflatables are good promotional displays because they are weather resistant and can be reused for many events. They can also be stored easily when not in use.

To complement this Red Bull Inflatable, we think they can use Inflatable Coolers for keeping their drinks chilled. Using these inflatable coolers as promotional merchandise or as gift with purchase will be effective in bringing more brand awareness for Red Bull.

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