Following the Innovative Promotional Clocks post, here are some other creative clocks for your promotion. These unusual products are comparable to those that we found at the HK Watch & Clock Fair in 2011. Due to their unique features, these gifts will definitely stand out from the competitors, making your brand more memorable.

 Clock with Magnetic Balls

Promo Magnetic Balls Clock

Instead of normal clock hands, this clock displays its time with the red and white magnetic balls. This innovative design is simple and special. Placing your logo/marketing message at the center of clock face will definitely help increase publicity when people stop and take a second look at this unusual clock. Check out our Magnetic Pens Post!

Flying Alarm Clocks

Promo Gift - Flying Alarm Clock

When normal alarm clocks still fail to wake you up for school or that important meeting, you know what you have to get next – Alarm clocks that fly! It will not stop ringing unless you get up and catch this flying object. A funky clock for extraordinary promotion.

The Backwards Clock

Promo Backwards Clock

Can you spot what’s strange about this clock? Pay attention to the direction of clock hands and hour printings. This clock has anti-clockwise movement that might require just a little brain power to make out the actual time. An interesting product to draw attention to promo.

Smoke Detector Clock

Promo Smoke Alarm Clock

Multi-purpose products usually gain popularity in the promo industry. This is not just a clock, but with in-built smoke detector. The alarm goes off whenever smoke is detected. We think this is a great giveaway for products associated with the anti-smoking message.

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