An effective use of a promotional item in marketing is always viewed traditionally as most effective when it is displayed as being massive, eye-catching and original. Other than the usage of common marketing tools such as banners and television advertisements for example, nothing compares to this Inflatable Wine Bottle as a promotion by S&D German Wines at the Restaurant & Bar HK 2012!

The Showy Promotional Item – Inflatable Wine Bottle

The Showy Promotional Item – Inflatable Wine Bottle

How will this inflatable wine bottle as an promotional item increase your brand awareness?

  • Design. This inflatable promotional item can be customised in any shape to represent your company brand, product. It can also be designed to represent your brand logo, colours, and even company mascot.
  • Brand exposure. Promotional items as big as inflatable products surely are appealing to the eye. And when designed well, they can give your brand a huge advantage over your competitors especially during promotional events such as this. The bigger and brighter the better!
  • Increased perceived value. Marketing is all about sending positive messages in your customers´minds so that they remember your brand. It would be really successful if they could relate the freshness and fun of this wine bottle with the actual taste of the wine being promoted. This makes your brand more favourable as a choice in the future.

Overall this truly creates a great marketing message for customers. Having such an exposing promotional item will definitely encourage customers to purchase your brand!

If you were interested in this inflatable promotional item, feel free to contact us here at the ODM Group for more information and discover ideas for creating your own easy to design inflatable promotional item.

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