Burdigala a Chinese award winning wine company is currently boosting sales in-stores in Shanghai by offering a beach promo combo consisting of a branded towel and flip flops.


Burdigala beach promo combo

Beach promo when buying a bottle of wine

Beach promo when buying a bottle of wine

The promotional offer of Burdigala comes just at the right time, everyone is going on vacation to sunny destinations close to the sea. What else would be better than laying at the beach with a good bottle of wine on a nice beach towel with matching flip flops. Both beach promo products are made of high quality materials. The beach towel is made of high quality cotton and has the logo of Bordeaux Superieur embedded on it. Also, the different colours of the towel are referring back to the logo. The flip flops are also printed with the same colour scheme as the towel and both flip flops have the brands logo on it.


Beach promo a seasonal promotion

A beach promo like the one described in this article is tied to a certain season. Often these kinds of promotion have to be planned far ahead to give you and your supplier enough time to produce the goods in time. Starting to think about autumn and winter promotions might seem a bit weird right now, but in the end it can save you a lot of money. Since production schedules are at the moment largely empty and there is still enough space available to ship your goods by sea which will result in bigger savings for you.


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