Promote your brand with custom inflatables!  They can come in any shape and are probably the best way to capture attention since they are large, colourful and 3D.

Custom Inflatables - Kinder Bueno and beach items

Custom Inflatables – Kinder Bueno and beach mats

Custom inflatables for events?

Inflatables are perfect for any event you may have. It’s not only creating brand visibility, it’s also increasing your social media presence. If you create a human-size replica of your product, just like the Kinder Bueno inflatable above, chances are that your client will take pictures/selfies next to it and share them online.

Below you can see how Pepsi promote their association with American Football.   This one will be weighted down in the base to make it more sturdy and stand upright.   We do this with lots of the POS displays we manufacture for drinks companies and put outside stores for advertising.

Custom Inflatables - Beach items

Custom Inflatables – Beach items

If you are hosting an outdoor event, you can probably consider some of these custom inflatables. Inflatable beach balls or rugby balls can be given away for people to play with. If you manage to make your client having fun with your products, it will greatly increase your brand image, and their opinion about your brand.

Inflatables can take any shape and even be mixed with technology. For instance, we loved this custom inflatable beach chair with built-in speakers and glass holder.  You could also mix and match materials having some of the chair inflatable and some in other more ridgid materials.   Just speak to our Product Design team and lets have some fun developing a unique product for your next marketing campaign.

Custom Inflatables - Beach Esky with Bluetooth speakers

Custom Inflatables – Beach chair with speaker

Why should you consider custom inflatables?

Inflatables are good at many levels:

  • Cheap
  • Easy to ship, stock and giveaway (deflated)
  • Very visible once inflated
  • Massive branding surface
  • Can match any shape (from the simple beach ball, to a way more complex shape)

Now how could you use them? Let’s be creative! Chinese New Year is coming, it’s a very famous event all around the world but, except if you work in Asia, it’s usually forgotten by companies in Europe, Australia or USA.

Custom Inflatables - Chinese Lamps

Custom Inflatables – Chinese Lanterns

If your clients are used to receiving marketing gifts from you and other business partners in December, they surely don’t expect anything in February! So why don’t you celebrate it by offering these custom inflatables to wish a happy Chinese New Year to your clients, that would definitely leave a mark.

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance on design or if you are looking at offering your very own custom inflatable for your next promotional campaign!