It is not the first time we’ve blogged about a beer promo, or even drinks coolers, but this product really drew our attention and we thought we should spread the word.

Beer Promo - Bud Light LED Cooler closed

Beer Promo – Bud Light LED Cooler

As you can see, this beer cooler can be fully customized with your very own design (i.e. Bud Light beers). It comes with a PVC window that allow the cans or bottles to be visible from outside. Used as a POS for your next beer promo, you can’t go wrong with such a product. Just imagine how your client would react, seeing this beer cooler on a hot summer, filled with ice and beer cans…

The most interesting feature is not the PVC window though, it’s the LED lights that really push this product to a whole new level.

Beer Promo - Bud Light LED Cooler opened

Beer Promo – Bud Light LED Cooler opened

How to use this beer cooler as a part of your next beer promo?

You may be still wondering “How?” or “When?” you can use this beer cooler so we decided to put together a list of situation where this product would be the best choice.

  • “On the beach” events
  • Pool parties or any outdoor events
  • Concert, music festival (especially at night)
  • Ski/snowboarding event (LED makes it very visible in the snow)

There are probably many more options but we truly believe that this product with its visibility and large branding surface is the one of the best item to use for a good beer promo campaign.


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So what is, for you, the best beer promo gift?