Custom Shape Cases for Sunglasses

There are so many different brands of sunglasses on the market right now and the frame shape with 2 lens and frame are generally similar.   Sure the outside of the frame, the lenses and the materials change quite a bit but there are limits to your creativity.  The function is key and there are many ergonomic constraints. (Blogs on Promotional Sunglasses)   However, you can really set your product apart by having a Custom Shape Cases for your sunglasses.   In fact, using Custom Shape Cases for any product, retail or promotional,  can set your brand apart and increase sales.

Custom Shape Cases

Custom Shape Cases

This blog will mainly focus on EVA foam cases since they are easy to mould, are cheap to manufacture, and provide strong protection for the contents.  There are other options and accessories such as Nylon lining, plastics, woods and metals, but this material is most suitable for our promotions.   You might like to check out our blog explaining the difference between EVA or PVC and which to use for manufacture.

We like the car shape cases above as these can be used in licensed promotional products and campaigns for marketing new cars coming to market.   Imagine this also with Nascar stickers for your favourite team.   You could make a football marketing jersey one for soccer clubs as another example.

Custom shape cases in store with different materials

We have also taken photos of some other options.   You will see the fish and plane custom shape cases in store below.   These are made with a plush material which makes the case generally far more bulky.  This is far more difficult to manufacture to exact shape and not workable for silk screen printing and general customization for logos.   That said, they are generally nice to touch and will certainly appeal to younger children whereas the foam ones are more appropriate for young and old..

custom shape cases in store

custom shape cases in store

More Options for custom shape cases

Our team of Product Designers at Mindsparkz are always looking for new ways to add function and aesthetic.   They suggested some options for you to include to bring this to the next level.

  • You could also include a keyring or carabiner for hooking this onto a bag.
  • How about applying a UV sensitive ink so that it reminds you to put them on children when sunny
  • Maybe waterproof coating inside the plush.
  • Use custom Zip pullers to increase brand exposure
  • Make the lining in contrasting fun colours and brand the inside more than the outside.   Makes your advertising not too intrusive
  • Match the case colour to your Pantone or contrast it in a good way.
  • Use our team to create a unique shape
  • Remember safety and protecting the glasses are key.   Then play around but always remember this first constraint.

What would you do with this custom shape cases & new concept packaging?