Feel energized and pumped for work by viewing Red Bull’s promotional banner design at the bus stop stand.  Another promotional event done was Red Bull Giveaway Street Marketing that was noteworthy. This promotional idea will certainly catch the eyes of people along the streets!

Catchy Promotional Banner Design: How Red Bull Raise Brand Awareness!

Catchy Promotional Banner Design: How Red Bull Raise Brand Awareness!

Red Bull chose to place the promotional banner design on the top so that a plain bus stop stand will become interesting. A promotional poster is also pasted on the board, followed by a promotional video beside it. By using a video, it helps to engage the targeted audience and capture their attention for that few seconds. It definitely makes it more memorable!


Importance of Having a Catchy Promotional Banner Design:

  • Enforces Brand Recall – This commuter advertising campaign will certainly work well. Adding colors and creative design not only covers up the worn infrastructure of the bus stop stand, but also brings better-associated memories with the brand. Commuters will surely think of getting red bull as they take public transport!
  • Use of Outdoor Displays – It is a great platform to reach out to a larger audience base. As it is outdoor, it has the potential to reach out to more people that can sometimes be difficult to. It is especially so for busy businessmen and lower-income groups who have no access to digital media.
  • Cost-effective – The material used is made with a durable material that can withstand strong heat and torrential thunderstorms. This minimizes the marketing budget required while obtaining high return-of-investment for brands.

A large promotional banner design has the power to bring out greater brand remembrance. Need help with promotional products and marketing materials? At ODM, we have great expertise in manufacturing high-quality custom promotional products. Moreover, we have a team of creative product designers to brainstorm fresh ideas for you. Feel free to send us your inquiry today!

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