Successful car marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. Check out how pop-up banners helped Kia Motors stand out at an event in Finland! They used pop-up banners in one of the best ways to help their brand stand out. It’s simple yet it offers a lot of branding and marketing benefits.  Combine this with interesting promotional products & giveaways and you will really create a buzz.

car marketing

car marketing

What do we love about Kia’s promotional campaign? It’s simple, cost-effective, and eye-catching!

Pop Up Banners as a Car Marketing Strategy

  • Color Stands Out: The red pop-up banners are visually enticing. Bright and very noticeable, they will be easy to spot  in a crowd. The color also matches their cars on display.
  • Branding: We can see that the banners have nice prints on it. No elaborate designs. Just their company name and logo, which lends a feeling of professionalism. Dye sublimation printing technique produced vivid and clear prints so letters are readable and logos are recognizable. They also printed their motto “The Power to Surprise” on the banners for greater emotional impact.
car marketing

car marketing

  • Cost-Effective: Unlike other medium, pop-up banner manufacture costs less. The trick is to choose high-quality materials to ensure longevity. This way, you can use them multiple times without ever worrying that they might break or tear apart after a few uses.
  • Setting Up Is A Breeze: Here, they used feather flag banners to promote their brand. It is easy to transport and can stand on its own so there’s no need to tie it up. Just insert the pole into its base and you’re good to go. No need for special tools to keep it upright. This gives you a lot of time to prepare and focus on more important car marketing tasks.
  • Flexible: Custom pop-up banners are ideal for trade fairs and exhibits. They are also great for indoor and outdoor marketing. It’s simple, yet it promises enhanced brand visibility.

Other Promotional Tools

The use of a branded tent also made their exhibit more inviting. Clients and agents can stay inside the tent and discuss business over refreshments. Now that’s a cool way to keep clients coming!

Car stickers also proved effective in promoting their cars. This allowed customers to identify the names of each model, which is especially useful for first-time car owners. So if the agents are busy entertaining other clients, other customers can make a quick online research about certain car model.

Whether you’re an established brand or a small startup company, pop up banners are a great way to introduce your brand to your  target market. Simple and straightforward, you can never go wrong with these advertising items!

Need help with car marketing? Shoot us a message! ODM can help you with promotional gifts and marketing tools to power up your campaign. Need pop-up banners? Our creative team have strong background in graphic and product design. You may also send us your original designs.

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