HK is alive with the buzz from trade fairs, with the Hong Kong Electronics Fair at the Wanchai Convention Center right now – check out all the unique trade fair gifts on offer.

Industry players are showcasing their latest inventions and we’ve been able to talk to them about the market outlook in 2013. HKTDC is offering 4 gifts to encourage more visitors: a power bank, a stylus, a smartphone case and a USB flash disk.

Power Bank as a trade fair gift

The power bank is probably the most popular gift as it is massively practical and useful. With the rapid increase in the usage of smartphones, everyone is on the go 24/7.

Awesome Hong Kong Trade Fair Gifts

Power Banks as Trade Fair Gifts

With that in mind, having a power bank would allow us to charge our phone wherever we are as it acts a power source. This way, with a flat battery, we can still use our mobile phones wherever we are, regardless or not there is power socket. This is especially vital for businessmen who are constantly on their phones and this would prevent any potential losses that may incur due to failure to communicate with their client in time.

Stylus or Smartphone case as trade fair gifts

The stylus is another useful trade fair gift that most of us would need seeing that a huge amount of the population is now using touch screen mobile devices.

Awesome Hong Kong Trade Fair Gifts

Smartphone Case or Stylus as Trade Fair Gifts

This cheap and easy-to-use item would make working on your mobile so much easier.  If you have no use for a stylus, you can use to have a stylish smartphone case instead. This case (in shape of a handbag) is quite attractive and massively eye catching. A promotional product that would certainly enhance the brand image of the company.

Golden USB Flash drive as a trade fair gift

Finally, there is also the Gold 4G USB flash disk. A very standard trade fair gift that everyone uses.

Awesome Hong Kong Trade Fair Gifts

HK Electronic Trade Fair Gift – USB Flash Drive

It is practical, useful and very classy as well. The gold design on the flash disk makes it that much more even attention grabbing. Of course, a USB key is not a very original item but the visibility of this one needed to be highlighted.  Just last week we put 4 other gold block gifts on our Pinterest account – check them out and leave your comments..

ODM’s take on these trade fair gifts

All these products hold a high utility value and are very portable. These trade fair gifts can be used basically anywhere. These marketing gifts can easily be found on the streets, in the public transport or on the office desks. This makes the brand highly visible. The perceived value is pretty good as well (at least for the Power Bank and the golden USB). We finally think that these trade fair gifts can efficiently lead people to visit some areas of the Electronic Fair that they would not have visited otherwise.

What do you think?