Denim Revolution campaign was a hit due in part to their exciting marketing strategy. Customers got a chance to grab a fashionable gwp sling bag.  Just purchase US$ 80 worth of products from participating brands. Plus, they got up to 50% discount on selected items!

GWP Sling Bag

GWP Sling Bag

Shoppers scored great deals through this event, and participating brands were able to boost their sales. Essentially, the goal of using freebies is to increase revenue, enhance brand visibility, and attract more customers. But sometimes it could do more, like, creating meaningful connection between brand and target audience.

This blog shows how a sling bag effectively connected the brand with their market:

This foldable starred sling bag is the perfect travel companion. Trendy and made from high-quality sturdy material, this bag is something anyone would be proud to carry around. :Chocoolate, just like Denim Revolution campaign, made a remarkable impression on customers.

How did the use of a promotional sling bag contributed to the success of Denim Revolution?

GWP Sling Bag: How It Helped the Denim Revolution Campaign

  • Style Factor: True to their mission, participating denim brands gave away stylish sling bags to match their fashionable denim merchandise. Trendy designs made the bags more appealing to customers.
  • Budget-Friendly: For customers, getting these merchandise for “free” is very rewarding. Who doesn’t want to get high-quality gifts for shopping? Buying a bag separately will cost them more than USD 80. But with this, customers can stay fashionable on a limited budget.
GWP Sling Bag

GWP Sling Bag

  • Eye-Catching Advert: Placing full-color tarpaulins in high traffic areas of the mall was an effective way to announce their promotion and attract more buyers. It’s effective because the reward excites shoppers to buy their products. Placing the advert at the entrance made it easy for customers to know which brands are on sale!
  • Unisex Design: The bags are suitable for men and women. It’s also great for students and travelers. It comes in three different colors and designs so customers can choose whichever style suits their taste. The sling bag is great for storing small notebooks, toiletry kits, pens, wallets, and other essentials. Its unisex design does not limit their market reach. As a result, more customers have become interested in their promotional product.

The competition is tough. However, there are many ways to stay ahead of the competition. One is by using gift with purchase like this gwp sling bag. But why do businesses love to use promotional bags?

Why Use Promotional Bags?

  • Flexible Medium: Bags come in various designs, sizes,  and shapes. They are ideal for promoting beauty and fashion merchandise and for spreading awareness about a cause or event you are organizing. Promotional bags for high-end products tend to be more stylish compared to, say, kitchen items. Check this blog out for an example of a high-end promotional bag. Small pouch bags are great for cosmetics and fragrance promos while sling bags similar to our example are ideal for every day use.
  • Branding: They can be customized to suit your promotional and marketing needs. Using your promotional bag means promoting your brand to everyone they encounter. This translates to stronger brand visibility and increased following.

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