In many occasions, when we go for traveling to different places around the world, we always need to carry our passport to be able to enter and leave different countries. Most of the time people complain that their passports don’t fit in their wallet and that it is very uncomfortable to carry it around in pockets or putting it inside bags which means that it might get lost. Therefore, a great promotional product that we could offer our fellow clients is a passport holder, which is basically a wallet with many functional slots where we can put our ID cards, credit cards and a massive slot next to it to include our passport.

We can see a great example of this amazing promotional product on the picture below:

What kind of practical promotional product could we offer our clients? - Passport Holders

What kind of practical promotional product could we offer our clients? – Passport Holders

How can we use this excellent promotional product to attract our customers to keep purchasing products from our brand?

The idea behind our marketing campaign should be to offer eye-catching products to our customers that will make them go for us as we need to differentiate ourselves from our main competitors. How many brands sell standard wallets? The true fact is that there are millions of brands out there. However, if we offer a passport holder wallet to our target market; first thing is that this kind of promotional product will instantly attract our existing clients as well as new potential clients and secondly it will make the difference between the top rivals as not many brands offer these kind of promotional products.

On the other hand, we offer our clients with a promotional product that they will really appreciate due to its usefulness and safety in keeping our most valued cards and documents. This is what clients like; brands to think on how efficient they could use up any product they purchase.

Branding a product like this is relatively easy too, which means that our brand mark will stand out and gain visibility.