Issey Miyake is now offering a gift with purchase for every purchase above 65 euros. Issey Miyake is a modern and modest Japanese designer who creates clothes and fragrances. When creating a scent, Miyake considers its link and interaction with the body, clothes, and environment, all elements that he considers to be factors that complete his creations. Fueled by technology, minimalism, and nature, Issey Miyake’s fabulous and fresh inventions have ushered in a new era of style, dazzling with modernism and innovation, and his alluring aromas are no exception. This has allowed Issey Miyake to thrive in the fashion and perfume industry.

A useful gift with purchase by Issey Miyake

A useful gift with purchase by Issey Miyake

They are offering 2 kits with every purchase above 65 euros. This gift with purchase is indeed one that is highly practical. It also hold a high utility value. This way it allows the consumers to use the kit on a daily basis to lug around their make up or even to use it as a purse as they make a quick trip to the supermarket.

How will this gift with purchase benefit you?

This gift with purchase would allow your brand to be made extremely visible on the kit cum bag. By doing so, this will increase your brand awareness and definitely boost sales for your company. This marketing gift is a product that we all will use on a daily basis. It is a basic necessity and something that we need to use as we go about our daily routine. This way your brand would be seen in the train, supermarkets and even on the streets.

This product could also be made of recyclable materials in order to help your company’s corporate social responsibility. With your company being involved in the preservation of the earth, more consumers that are concerned about the green movement would be highly receptive to your company as well.