In recent times, most marketing campaigns already include different strategies to attract and retain customers where offering a giveaway to our customer is very common. However, as time goes by technology and innovation develops at a rapid pace, which means that we also have to be creative with what kind of promotional product we offer our clients in terms of a giveaway.

One of the most common giveaway we have seen everywhere is a standard branded earphone that can be used in any electronic product that requires media like radios, mp3, laptop, phones, etc… How can we improve this slightly to be able to offer something different to our customers and make them feel that our brand always make efforts in analyzing and anticipating customer needs? We could easily include LED lights on our earphone and use different printing methods to make our brand stand out.

We can see an example of this giveaway on the picture below:

Looking for an impacting giveaway to offer your clients?

Looking for an impacting giveaway to offer your clients?

Impactful Giveaway Increases Brand Awareness and Attracts Customers

Promotional products are already exposed to clients by any brand these days. However, the ones that really make a statement are the ones that can anticipate market trends and offer a product that the client will say wow! This is because it’s not usual to anyone’s eyes and looks really astonishing.

This LED earphone can be produced in a way that we could use many different colors within the LED lights. We could easily play around with the design we would like to use to offer our clients. This promotional product is less than 1 USD/piece and can really make an impact in our customer´s vision of our brand and what we can offer them.

Customers love to receive a giveaway with a purchase of a specific product as they would not reject a free item and a giveaway is usually a valuable product which the customer will use on and on in repeated occasions.

Inexpensive, practical and simple – key to grab our customers attention.