Milo a popular hot beverage

Milo a popular hot beverage

In this competitive business industry, it is vital to keep your brand name in front of your customers. This minimizes the chances of loosing customers to your fellow competitors. Check out how Milo Singapore keep up this heated competition with its latest gift with purchase promotion!

Milo Singapore is currently offering an exclusive Mr. Milo Mug with any purchase of a 1.4kg banded pack Milo. This promotion is available from April at all supermarkets and selected outlets. Milo is a popular hot beverage that you can find in many parts of the world. It is a very easy beverage to make! Just mix the Milo powder and water or milk and there you have it a yummy and rich drink. Read on to find out more about Milo’s gift with purchase promotion!

Mr. Milo Mug is a brilliant gift with purchase!

Mr. Milo Mug - Gift with Purchase

Mr. Milo Mug – Gift with Purchase

ODM likes this gift with purchase as it has the ability to leave a very strong impression on customers. First of all, this gift is very relevant to this popular beverage brand. It allows customers to use the mug for a Milo drink! Needless to say, Milo is encouraging customers to consume more Milo and this in turns boosts their sales to greater heights!

Eye-catching exterior!

To capture customers’ attention and interest, you have to utilize an eye-catching product. This is the first step in order to outrun your competitors. For instance, when this gift with purchase is place on a rack that is filled with other beverage brands, its attractive mug exterior immediately stands out from its competitors! As an effect, customers would be more attracted to Milo and purchase their products. This is especially true when it comes to children. The eyes and arms of Mr. Mug would certainly entice children to persuade their parents for it!


Keeping your brand name in front of your customers and prospects is critical to grow and maintain your business. These branding efforts will allow your customers to remember your company and improve brand recall. For example, Milo has cleverly used its gift with purchase by branding its Milo logo onto the Mr. Milo mug. Its brand name is so big and clear that allows people to remember at first sight! As a result, this certainly increases the chances of customers purchasing this beverage brand! No doubt that a branded gift with purchase is a perfect marketing tool.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and get started with your own promotion today!