Nestle Milo is currently offering an on-pack melamine bowl with every purchase of 2 boxes of Milo cereal. An on pack promotion can be a great way to improve your business because they can have a number of benefits on your brand. This blog will highlight what these are, and why your brand should think about using an on pack promotion.

On pack promotion - Milo Cereal Bowl as gift with purchase

On pack promotion – Milo Cereal Bowl as gift with purchase

Why is this on pack promotion a good idea?

This melamine bowl is a great complementary product to Milo cereal as customers will use it to consume the cereals. It encourages use and is made of melamine which is light-weight and relatively durable. With this, you can be sure that it will encourage sales of the product. This is also because of the value for money that customers will feel that they are receiving.

Milo has also branded its logo at the rim of the bowl. This will increase brand awareness and boost brand recall for Milo. It also features an image of the Milo cereal in the centre of the bowl, which encourages free advertising every time the bowl is used. What do you think of this promotional bowl? Why not use one to help improve your business?

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