ODM spotted this USB slap band that is great to target the youth of today! It may look like an ordinary slap band, but it in fact doubles as a USB flash drive. This is a truly unique promotional product, purely because they can be marketed effectively and because of their design. Continue reading this blog to find out the full details about this product.

USB Slap Band - A unique and clever promotional idea

USB Slap Band – A unique and clever promotional idea

Why is this USB slap band such a good idea?

  • Design: USB flash drives has become more and more compact, meaning that it is easy to drop them or lose them. With this USB slap band, you can decrease the possibility of losing your USB flash drive and all the stored data. Moreover, you can choose any Pantone colour that matches your company logo and brand.
  • Brand awareness: USB’s are highly sought after because they are very useful for both personal and business use. Because these items are likely to be kept long term, putting your logo and slogan on them will help you to enforce your brand recall and promote your cause more effectively. Not only that, this product can facilitate free advertising as users walk around in public with this band on their wrists. Overall, this will result in increased brand awareness.
  • Highly marketable: The brilliance of these USB’s is that they are small and compact enough to be offered as a gift with purchase, social media giveaway or as a promotional giveaway. You therefore have multiple ways in which to market these items, and will not be forced to make a gift with purchase due to cost for example. On a separate note, these items also have a high perceived value, which can be an effective way to boost sales.

Here at ODM, we have significant experience in product design, sourcing and manufacturing. We can help you utilise your 2016 marketing budget in an effective manner. Be sure to check out our ever-expanding gift with purchase and in store display portals in order to find some more similar case studies.

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