ODM spotted these bean bag cushions at the Canton Fair. They can be manufactured in many different shapes, sizes and styles that the design possibilities are just endless. Check out some of their designs and why they can be a great idea for your business below!

Promotional idea - Unique Bean Bag Cushions

Promotional idea – Unique Bean Bag Cushions

Why is this promotional idea a good one?

Not only comfortable, these are great for traveling as they fit into small space. Check out the Paul Frank bean bag on the top right picture! You can do the same by putting your mascot, company logo or even a licensed character like Disney character or Looney Tunes. This will increase the perceived value of these bean bags.

This promotional gift is great to target youngsters, judging from the bright colours and adorable design. However, these can be made plain to suits older target market. Travel companies and airlines companies can consider using this as incentive products. A useful product like this will be kept for long period of time and would be a great tool to enforce brand recall and even brand awareness.

Have you thought about a promotional item like this yourself? It can go a long way to creating a loyal customer base. Why not use a bean bag cushion to help expand your business?

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