These items are great as promotional gifts for food and beverage industry, especially for companies that sell cooking ingredients. Take a look at what we spotted at the Canton Fair 2012!

Promotional Kitchenware – Grater and Skinner

Grater and skinner doesn’t have to be boring and dull anymore. As you can see, they can come in attractive colours and in varieties of shape while retaining its function. Grater and skinner are lightweight, making them perfect for on-pack promotion. These are highly customizable and easy to brand with your logo. Offering these products as promotional gifts can boost sales for your product, especially if it serves as complementary item to the goods you are selling.

Promotional Kitchenware – Tea Brewers and Shakers

For drink companies, these can be a better gift to offer. Tea brewers and shakers have high perceived value, making your product looks more attractive than those of you competitors. You can choose metallic finishing to give a classy feel, or you can offer attractive colours to make a fun impression. Branding these items with your logo will enforce brand recall as kitchenware are used often, almost daily. A great gift will also add value to your brand image.

Why do we like Kitchenware?

  • Branding Potential. Kitchenware can easily be branded and designed unique and modern, which can bring up the awareness of your brand.


  • Increase profits. Kitchenware is mostly used everyday, is cleaned every day, so that the awareness of this brand will not be lost on the way and your costumers will not think a lot about other brands and just buy yours again.

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