Are you looking for a customized kitchenware for your next promotional giveaway? Well, look no further because we have the perfect gift idea for you. This kitchen timer looks fun, amazing and serves its purpose of keeping time in an interesting way.

Countdown with this Customized Kitchenware

Countdown with this Customized Kitchenware

Kitchenware is a popular giveaway, especially customized kitchenware. These kitchen timers are made into shapes of usual kitchen equipment, which makes it more fun than the usual kitchen timer. Read on more to find out how you can jazz up your giveaway with these adorable customized kitchenware.

Industries who should use customized kitchenware

As these kitchenware are able to be highly customized to suit your needs, many industries can consider using this product in their giveaway.
Firstly, industries in the kitchen equipment sector can consider it, of course. This product is congruent to the products being sold, making it a perfect gift. Also, the customers are highly likely to use the kitchen timer as it is an important tool when cooking. The shapes are also customized to look like pots, pans and kettles, which is inline with the main products sold.

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Secondly, bakeries can consider giving away this kitchen tool for promotional purposes. As this kitchen timer can be made into baking equipment shapes like mixers and whisk, it becomes a great gift for baking classes or baking schools. Baking needs a timer as time is a critical factor, so giving it as a present to the customers would be a great idea.

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