Looking to accurately control the amount of Oil or Vinegar you use – how about this tabletop promo.  Here’s an easy-to-use gauge to see how much oil to add for a perfect balance of oil in your food.

3 simple steps, it's that easy!

With a modern design and streamlined body, this particular item is a winner in terms of aesthetics.  Able to contain 500ml of oil, the ample surface area it has allows for brand printing.  Recipes or advertising typical Mediterranean foods would work well on a label around the body.  Showcase the many health benefits from consuming certain oils in moderation.

Utilizing a pressure suction pad, simply press to measure the amount of oil to use. Employ this as an on-pack mechanism (promotional products for food companies).   Pair it with your products (olive oil, kitchenware, recipes, cookbook) to create optimized synergy.

With a health conscious promotional product like this one, your brand is shown to take a step further to care for your customers’ health and well being, coming up with initiatives to combat the rising problem of obesity, especially seen in USA. This oil dispenser could work great for CEO (Campaign to End Obesity) as well as families, who emphasize on healthy meals and take much notice on their daily intake of oil.

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