Custom Kitchenware: Non-skid cutting board sheet

ODM have searched for the best custom kitchenware items for your promotion, and this must be one of the thinnest cutting boards on the market.  Just like traditional boards, use this one when cutting raw meet, fish or garlic.  It prevents unpleasant odors from transferring.  The particularity of  this cutting board lies in the fact that it is extremely thin and entirely made of plastic making it cheap and great for storage. Perfect cookware marketing!

Custom Kitchenware: Non-skid cutting board sheet

Custom Kitchenware: Non-skid cutting board sheet

Why this Non-skid cutting board sheet is brilliant for custom kitchenware?

Thanks to its anti-skid back surface you don’t fear any accident while cutting your food. The clipping buttons at the sides allow you to hold the board and dispose your food in any container or pan.

Custom Kitchenware: Non-skid cutting board sheet

Custom Kitchenware: Non-skid cutting board sheet

You can customize the board to any shape or color you want or even write down you promotional message. The range of possibilities is unlimited and you have not finished surprising your clients with this innovative item.

Great for any firm related to kitchen business, this item would be perfect as a gift with purchase or an on-pack with food for example.

Custom Kitchenware: Non-skid cutting board sheet

Custom Kitchenware: Non-skid cutting board sheet

Another nice discovery from the Mega Show Hong KongCookware Marketing Ideas

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We also have a variety of other designs on our database… Some examples include Bread shape and rectangular shaped cutting boards and in a myriad of colours.

Here at ODM we have years of experience in fabricating custom kitchenware items and countless amounts of promotional products. Feel free to contact us to learn more about promotional products. Let us assist you in coming up with some new and innovative ways to promote your brand. We have a comprehensive and ever-expanding gift with purchase portal page that may spark some interest. Furthermore, if you are looking for other forms of inspiration, you can view our blogs here where we have written over 8.000 case studies on promotional products worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What materials are kitchen boards usually made of?

They are often made out of wood or plastic. There are also boards that are made out of glass, steel or marble and are known to be easier to clean. However, these boards damage knives easily due to its hardness.

What are some promotional kitchenware that can be used for marketing campaigns?

Some promotional kitchenware products include cutlery, ceramic bowls, silicone pads and oil & vinegar dispensers.

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