Isn’t it annoying to find that your knife is blunt and cannot even peel an apple? Not only is it frustrating, but it is dangerous as well. This is where a knife sharpener comes in. If you are a marketing manager, you know that there is a huge demand for promotional kitchen items such as these knife sharpeners.

We stumbled upon these awesome knife sharpeners at the recently held Alibaba Trade Show and we absolutely love them! Functionality, portability, design appeal, and flexibility are what made these kitchen gadgets stand out to us.

They are cute and colorful on top of being really practical and useful. Not to mention, they are so portable and lightweight! When it comes to promotional kitchen items, you want to give your customers something that they will enjoy using to ensure that your marketing gift will not go to waste.

So, how much exposure can you get from these knife sharpeners? How do you cut through dull marketing with these novelty product ideas?


Types of Knife Sharpeners

Mini Manual Kitchen Knife Sharpener Stone

This kitchen knife sharpener stone measures 7.6 x 2.5 x 5.8 cm and weighs 34g only. Very portable and lightweight, but definitely stable.

Promotional Kitchen Items - Mini Manual Kitchen Knife Sharpener Stone

Promotional Kitchen Items – Mini Manual Kitchen Knife Sharpener Stone


Portable 3 Stage Cordless Knife Sharpener

Measuring 10.5 x 5.2 x 4.5 cm, and weighing 69g this knife sharpener is definitely a pocket-sized knife sharpener that can be used in and outside the home. As you can see there is a slight depression in the body, allowing the user to hold the sharpener with so much ease.

Promotional Kitchen Items - Portable 3 Stage Cordless Knife Sharpener

Promotional Kitchen Items – Portable 3 Stage Cordless Knife Sharpener


Manual Outdoor Knife Sharpener

This handheld manual outdoor kitchen knife weighs just 82g, which means it is lightweight and great to bring outdoors. It is CE /EU, LFGB certified, which means it is very safe to use. The LFGB markings mean it has been tested with German and European standards. On the other hand, the CE marking indicates that it conforms with safety, health, and environmental protection standards.

Promotional Kitchen Items - Manual Outdoor Knife Sharpener

Promotional Kitchen Items – Manual Outdoor Knife Sharpener


Why Custom Knife Sharpeners?

Keeps Knives and Scissors SharpDefinitely, the number one reason customers would need this. Never ruin your food again with dull knives and scissors! Home cooks and professional chefs can cut, chop, slice, dice, and peel with ease and precision with sharp their sharp kitchen knives.

Promotional Kitchen Items - Portable 3 Stage Cordless Knife Sharpener

Promotional Kitchen Items – Portable 3 Stage Cordless Knife Sharpener

Great Addition to Kitchen – The sharpeners come in vibrant colors that people will easily notice. This also means managers can have them in their signature brand colors as well!

Promotional Kitchen Items

Promotional Kitchen Items


Portable and Can Be Used Outdoors– As they are smaller than the traditional whetstone, people can bring them along when they go to the beach, picnic, or barbecue at the park.

Promotional Kitchen Items

Promotional Kitchen Items


Ergonomic Design– Designed with comfort and safety in mind, people can use these knife sharpeners without hurting their hands. They are easy to use and have handles that perfectly fit the grooves of your hands.

Promotional Kitchen Items

Promotional Kitchen Items


Promotional Kitchen Items: Ways to Sharpen Your Marketing

1. Brand It!

This is probably the most important aspect of your marketing strategy. Branding your knife sharpener allows you to get your message across more effectively. Aside from the logo, the colors can also be matched with your brand colors to make it more memorable.

2. Take Advantage of the Festivities

Promotional Kitchen Items are a great offering during special observance days and festivities especially during special holidays where people prepare lots of food. Small and practical items like these knife sharpeners are also great promotional souvenirs because they cost very little to customize. Therefore, you can order them in bulk and give them away for free without compromising your marketing budget.


3. Surprise Customers

As they are small and portable, these knife sharpeners are also perfect covermount gifts. This is ideal for publications that are related to food and restaurants. Or, you can use the traditional direct mail approach. Due to the pandemic, direct mailing campaigns are deemed safe and practical now more than ever. Recipients will surely be delighted to receive promotional gifts in their mailbox!


4. Offer a Promotional Reward

Tap into your customers’ competitive nature through loyalty rewards. For instance, customers will get a free knife sharpener when they gained a certain number of points or stamps. Everyone loves to gather points and exchange them for fun gifts, right?


5. Make it Fun and Exciting

Do you know how much exposure you can get from promotional kitchen items? Kitchen gadgets are a lucrative market. And that means there is a new product being launched every day. Can you imagine the revenue you can get from them? So, it is indeed important to make your kitchen promotional gift fun and exciting as well.

However, how do you make it more fun and exciting? You can offer it as part of a gift set. You can include pieces of cutlery, collapsible straws, as well as custom printed plates. Customers will appreciate the effort you exert in putting together a set of products that go well together. With that said, we listed below other promotional kitchen products that you can also use for marketing.


More Promotional Kitchen Items to Augment Your Marketing

Funny Face Cutlery Set– Eating dinner has never been fun with these funny face cutlery sets. Take a look at their cute faces!


Portable kitchen timers – Perfect for cooking and baking, these kitchen timers are so cute you will have fun spending time in the kitchen!


Bamboo Cutting Board – Knife and cutting board go together. So why not offer a set with cutting board, knife, and knife sharpener?


Cheese Knife Set – A cheese knife set to entice your cheese-loving clients! Not only is it a great addition to your kitchen, but it will also entice your class guests.


Ceramic Knife – Have you ever seen a ceramic knife? The novelty of the product is what makes it stand out.


Our Takeaways…

What makes a good promotional kitchen item? Novelty, practicality, and design appeal are the factors to consider when planning your FMCG marketing gifts. However, no matter how visually appealing or useful a product is if it is not executed properly, it will cost you money, time, and energy. As such, it is also important to plan the delivery mechanism for promotional products very well.


Are you looking for effective and inexpensive promotional kitchen items for your next campaign? Then these knife sharpeners are what you need! Quote the following product codes when contacting our team:

ODM-3203 for Manual Outdoor Knife Sharpener

ODM-3191 for Portable 3 Stage Cordless Knife Sharpener

ODM-3190 for Mini Manual Kitchen Knife Sharpener Stone


Our team is here to help you from brainstorming sessions all the way down to sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping of your promotional products. Contact us today!

If you are keen on more ideas, check these promotional kitchen items out!


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