Being a homemaker is definitely not an easy task. A long list of responsibilities and chores awaits them every day. With the limited time they got into their hands, they always look for ways to make life easier. And this presents a great opportunity for marketers to promote their brands. Bump up sales with this digital kitchen scale as a direct premium gift!

Direct Premium

Direct Premium


What Is Direct Premium Marketing?

The direct premium offers promotional items— toys, souvenirs, collectibles, and household products linked to a branded product. It is basically an item that comes free with a purchase. This marketing strategy includes potent marketing tools such as in-pack, on-pack, and near-pack promotions to induce enthusiasm.

So, what makes a good direct premium marketing gift?


Digital Kitchen Scale

Whether you’re a professional cook, an expert homemaker, or an aspiring baker, you will certainly love to have a digital kitchen scale. A digital scale is a measuring tool that interprets and displays the weight of an item. Unlike an analog balance scale, this device is a high-quality scale that gives a more accurate weight reading. It is a must-have kitchen item that will definitely make food preparation easier and convenient. Let’s have a closer look!

This multi-function digital kitchen scale is perfect for cooking, baking, tracking intake, and postage. It has a large LCD that makes weight reading trouble-free for anyone. You can choose between blue or white for the backlight options. It has a maximum capacity of 1 kilogram and can read out measurements in g, kg, lb, oz, fL, and ml.

Direct Premium

Direct Premium

By touching the power or tare button, you can smoothly operate this tool. The tare feature eliminates the weight of the container by allowing you to subtract its weight, which is brilliant as it does not require tedious transferring. This convenient button makes it easy to achieve accurate readouts of ingredients. Moreover, it repeatedly sets the scale back to “0” when adding additional ingredients to the platform. You can also simply hang this digital scale after use to save space and maintain the neatness of your kitchen room.

Direct Premium

Direct Premium

It can be easily hang in your kitchen counter so it is certainly space-saving, leaving your kitchen mess-free.


Why It Is A Great Direct Premium Item?

This promotional kitchen gadget can do more than weighing ingredients and little items, and certainly bring a lot of benefits to your consumers and your brand. Here are our top favorite features that make this digital kitchen scale a great direct premium item for us:

Direct Premium

Direct Premium


1. Kitchen Promotional Products are Timeless.

Undoubtedly, kitchen products will never go out of style. These products are timeless, making them one of the high-utilized marketing materials. Homemakers will certainly think about how they can ever live without these items.

Moreover, they are greatly used in the food and beverage industry to provide quality and relishing service. With their quality and functional benefits, your target audience will never get enough of them.  Belonging to this category makes this digital kitchen scale a lasting promotional product that you can advertise all year round.


2. It Offers A Lot of Functional Benefits to Consumers.

From giving you a precise measure of ingredients, determining the accurate size of servings, saving you from a trip to the post office to reducing the number of dirty dishes you have to clean— this digital kitchen scale clearly offers you a lot of functional benefits.

It also provides you an opportunity to adopt a healthy lifestyle as it makes you aware of your calorie intake and suggests food servings. Owning this digital kitchen scale is definitely an inexpensive way to simplify life and to get healthy.


3. It Can Target A Wide Range of Audience.

Apart from targeting a wide net of homemakers predominantly everywhere, you can also include customer-centric industries in generating leads. The food and beverage industry certainly looks for reliable kitchen products to incorporate into their business. This high-quality digital kitchen scale will definitely catch the eyes of every hotel, restaurant, and bakery kitchen owner.

Meanwhile, it can also be a great promotional item for the expanding nutrition industry. It can assist dieticians and nutritionists in raising awareness on healthy living, and collect necessary data and statistics.


4. A Quality Promotional Item to Build Brand Identity.

This promotional product exhibits quality and a lot of functional benefits that a wide range of consumers can benefit from. Offering this digital kitchen scale as a direct premium gift can create a remarkable impression on your market. It shows that your brand is up to providing high-grade service and products to them. By doing so, your business will produce happy and satisfied customers that will contribute to building your brand identity over time.


5. An Excellent Marketing Material to Bump Up Sales and Drive Action.

We can’t deny that this digital kitchen scale is an excellent promotional item for all the reasons mentioned above. The features of this product can definitely lure and pique the interest of your target audiences. Displaying product innovation and excellence will tell them what your brand is all about. Choosing this digital kitchen scale as your marketing material will help you drive actions, resulting in positive purchase decisions and increased revenue.


Letterbox Gift Idea

Closed doors and no physical contact— the pandemic has certainly urged us to be more vigilant during these challenging times. In line with following the safety protocols and protecting our loved ones from any risk, we could not just go out and receive every delivery we have directly. This is why letterbox gift ideas are getting useful for a lot of brands and companies.

For those not in the know, a letterbox is a rectangular hole in a door or a small box at the entrance to a building. Through this letterbox, letters and small parcels are delivered. Thus, letterbox gifts are gift items that can be posted through a letterbox.

This digital kitchen scale is a notable kitchen gadget with a sleek and surprisingly portable design that makes it perfect for letterboxes. You can provide a warm promotion or a wonderful promotional giveaway gift by sending this direct premium item to your clients and employees’ letterboxes.

Here are some other products that you can send through a letterbox.


If you are interested in sourcing new promotional products, get in touch with our team. Don’t forget to quote the product code ODM-3605 when contacting our team and get this digital kitchen scale. Let’s start to drive action and bump up your sales today!

Here at ODM, our team is always updated on the latest branded promotional product ideas in the market. Thus, we make sure to uphold our mission of providing clients with high-quality and effective promotional merchandise. We can also provide you with design services as our dedicated team of product designers at Mindsparkz will certainly help you with the product brainstorming sessions and top-notch design services. We will always be more than happy to assist you with all things promotional!


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