If you are one of those companies that are planning to go back to normal business operations, why not consider giving a welcome back gift to your employees? Innovative and fashionable, this custom branded backpack will definitely be a good choice.


What Makes Custom Branded Backpack Extraordinary?

Corporate gifting is something that employees appreciate about you. But sending them the wrong choice of items is a waste of time and resources. One of the best gifts to offer your staff is something that they can use at work. This is why a backpack is a smart choice.

Listed below are the features that make this branded backpack an excellent welcome back gift for your staff.


Professional and Sleek Look

We absolutely love the simple, professional, and sleek look of this bag. This particular style comes in a charcoal black color which is perfect for everyday office use. Modernistic and neat, this is ideal for carrying laptops. We also love the touch of class that the metal plate added to the bag.

custom branded backpack

Custom Branded Backpack as Welcome Gift for Employees



Exquisite Workmanship

This custom branded backpack is made from high-grade nylon. The fabric used guarantees that the backpack is tear-resistant. It is specifically designed to sustain the rigors of everyday use.

custom branded backpack

Custom Branded Backpack


The metal-like material used for its handle is also of high -quality. Moreover, all zippers of this backpack are well-curated, making it zip smoothly. Even the straps are padded. Hence, this backpack is strong, yet comfortable enough to carry when loaded with all heavy stuff.


custom branded backpack

Custom Branded Backpack


Comfortable to Use

The bag is dual-padded, making it breathable and comfortable for the shoulder. The adjustable padding straps make this branded backpack ideal for employees who are carrying heavy stuff to work.

custom branded backpack

Custom Branded Backpack

This one is similar to the first style we cited above, the only difference is that it comes in a solid navy blue color. If you are keen to customize this bag and you want them in a certain color, do not hesitate to email our team. We will be happy to check for available stock colors or Pantone-match the custom backpacks.


High Functionality

Compare to other ordinary bags available in the market, the functionality of this backpack is undeniably exceptional. Designed with multiple pockets, its functionalities are clearly defined. Consequently, it has a USB port attached to it, allowing users to recharge their gadgets anytime and anywhere.

custom branded backpack

Custom Branded Backpack


This custom branded bag also has an anti-theft feature that makes your employees’ belonging safe all the time. Aside from carrying the bag in the office, your employees may use it in any outdoor activities such as hiking and traveling.



This custom-branded backpack comes in different colors like black, gray, blue, and purple. The color, the stylish appearance, and the ergonomic feature of this backpack fit perfectly for your office employees.

custom branded backpack

Custom Branded Backpack



The customizability of this backpack allows you to design it according to your preference. The bag itself is a perfect canvas on which to print your company logo. The logo may be embroidered, could be made of metal, and embossed. It could also be printed using thermal transfer printing, digital printing, or embossing printing.

custom branded backpack

Custom Branded Backpack


To Summarize

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, sending gifts to your employees really matters. The situation tremendously challenged and affected the mental and emotional health of every employee. Thus, showing them that you value them is an important step in easing their back-to-normal anxieties. Receiving gifts from their employers makes them feel the belongingness and care from the company.

And when it comes to gifts, it is extremely important to consider what your recipients would appreciate and use every day. A backpack would be a useful gift that anyone would appreciate receiving. Additional functionalities of security locks and RFID blockers would be great ideas to wow your target audience.


How can ODM Help?

If you are keen to offer this backpack as a welcome back gift for your employees, do not hesitate to reach out to us and use the product code: ODM 3600.

Aside from this product, we also have a wide array of promotional merchandise and marketing gift items for you to choose from. We also specialize in designing branded packaging and in customizing promotional giveaways.

Moreover, if you are looking for a team of product designers to help you in designing your next corporate gifts and promotional products, our Mindsparkz team would be happy to help.

Let’s create something meaningful and beautiful today!


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