There are so many ways to  use custom promotional backpacks for your brand campaigns. You can either sell them as an exclusive retail merchandise, offer as employee appreciation gift or corporate gifts for clients. Here, at ODM, our product designers love adding exciting twists to every day items, such as backpacks, to make them ideal for business promotions. We can help custom design backpacks for your business!

Smart bags are fast becoming popular nowadays. Some types have built-in locking systems to keep contents safe. These are great help for students, employees, and entrepreneurs who always travel. As such, our designers have come up with various smart bag styles and designs that suit the modern men and women. More importantly, you can use them to improve your brand positioning. If you are keen to custom design backpacks with us, here’s a list of backpack styles to choose from:

Custom Design Backpacks

Custom Design Backpacks

Our bags are sleek and stylish – perfect for office and school use. The designs and functionality vary so there’s a custom design backpack for just about everyone. Aside from grey and charcoal black, we offer a range of colors and materials to customize your promotional backpacks. What’s more, clients can choose what type of smart lock and innovative features they want to add when they custom design backpacks.


Custom Design Backpacks – Smart Locks and Accessories

Here are some custom backpack designs, lock options and accessories to make your promotional bags more appealing to your target market!

Style 1

Custom Design Backpacks

Custom Design Backpacks – Style 1


Simple and sleek, this backpack uses splash proof fabric so it can keep contents safe from accidental spills or rainwater. Colors can be customized to match your market.

Custom Design Backpacks

Custom Design Backpacks – Fingerprint Lock and Clear Pocket for SD Tracking Card

This also features a clear pocket for SD tracking card and a fingerprint lock. With built-in fingerprint technology, unauthorized people will not be able to open the bag. This ensures that all valuable items inside the bag are safe and protected.


Style 2

Custom Design Backpacks

Custom Design Backpacks – Style 2

This one is much more smaller with front pocket. Minimal design and cool hues look neat and high-end. You can brand the front part or add a metal logo for a sleek and professional look. It’s light and not bulky so ideal for frequent travelers. There’s also a metal wire lock to attach it to a pole or chair.

Custom Design Backpacks

Custom Design Backpacks – Metal Wire lock and SD Tracking Card Pocket

The built in lock allows users to create x-digit combination lock, similar to that of a travel luggage. On the other side of the bag, there is a clear pocket for the SD tracking card.


Style 3

Custom Design Backpacks

Custom Design Backpacks -Style 3

This foldable bag is not only technologically innovative but it’s also space-saving as it folds up for easy storage. Do you like this idea? We can help custom design backpacks to suit your promotional and branding requirements. Colors can be matched to your brand colors and we will make sure that your brand name will be seen. You can opt for metal logo, silk-screen print, or embroidered logo / brand name to ensure that your brand visuals are visible to everyone looking at your custom designed bags.


Custom Design Backpacks

Custom Design Backpacks – Fingerprint Lock and Pocket for SD Tracking Card

With fingerprint-enabled smart lock, customers can be sure that there will be no unauthorized access to the bag. There is also a pocket for SD tracking card to make tracking lost bags much easier.

Custom Design Backpacks

Custom Design Backpacks – Foldable Bag


This one folds up so it’s convenient to use and keep. It has lots of pockets inside to keep items well-organized. When not in use, your client can just fold it up for easy storage.


Style 4

Custom Design Backpacks

Custom Design Backpacks

If you want something that can be used to carry a laptop, then this one would be a good backpack design. It has handles so that they can be hand-carried. The front pocket allows for convenient access to small items like keys, gum, coins, and tickets.

Custom Design Backpacks

Custom Design Backpacks

It features a handle lock, detachable handles, a fingerprint padlock, and a metal buckle. Like prior designs, this one is designed with safety in mind. How to use it? Detach one end of one of the handles and loop it around a pole or the backrest of a chair. Then insert the fingerprint lock cable through the handle hole. Finally, connect it to the fingerprint lock attached to the other end of the handle.

Custom Design Backpacks

Custom Design Backpacks

These anti-theft features will ensure that the bags will not be snatched away from your customers. The fingerprint lock uses biometric scanning technology so only authorized persons can activate the lock. The fingerprint scanner captures a person’s fingerprint and converts them into numbers or codes unique for each person.


Custom Design Backpacks – Smart Lock Options

When you custom design backpacks you can choose from a number of smart lock options. Our team can help you find the lock that best suits your bag of choice.  Here, take a look:

Custom Design Backpacks - Smart Locks

Custom Design Backpacks – Smart Locks

Customers would certainly love the quality and safety the backpacks offer. There’s bluetooth, digital, and fingerprint locks. Contact The ODM Group and quote the product codes listed above for pricing.

Are you ready to custom design backpacks for your marketing campaigns? Here are simple tips to remember:


Tips on How to Custom Design Backpacks

  • Materials: Different fabrics can vary in price and durability. Among the most widely used materials are cotton canvas, nylon, cordura, polyester, PVC, and rip-stop nylon. As not all fabrics are water resistant, waterproofing is essential to make the bags more durable and water-resistant. If yo are looking for a fabric that is durable and tear resistant, opt for woven ones. Check if the threads are woven closely together. The woven pattern will add stability and durability to the backpacks.
  • Consider the Minimum Order Requirement of Suppliers: The MOQ in China can be quite high and for a good reason. Knowing the minimum order requirement can help you manage your resources well. Vietnam is another good option. Vietnam bag suppliers can provide you with high-quality bags at a budget-friendly price.
  • Find a Reputable Designer: To ensure the quality of your backpacks, speak with a reliable product designer who can provide aesthetic and functional bags for your company. Luckily at The ODM Group, we have a dedicated team of designers and merchandisers who can help you design and source materials and factories. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can help your company grow through effective use of promotional products.


If you are keen to custom design backpacks for your business, send us an inquiry today. For backpack designs, pls refer to the catalog above and quote:



If you want to know more about the locks presented above, quote the following codes:

ODM 2505-3
ODM 2505-2
ODM 2505-5
ODM 2515-1
ODM 2515-2
ODM 2505-1
ODM 2507
ODM 2505-4


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